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Attendance Accountability

Dropout Prevention

Graduate! Avoid the temptation of Dropping Out! Let us help you.

Attendance Support Resources

Every Day Counts!

How many people do you know that says or thinks “ It’s ok to miss 1 day”?
Missing more than 1 day a month can affect their future.

Chronic Absenteeism = 18 or more days absent

Warning Signs = 10 – 17 days absent

Not Chronic Absenteeism = 9 or fewer days absent

Click on the following for helpful insight:

What can we do as a family?
When is a child to sick for school?
Ways to keep my child healthy?
What is chronic absences and truancy


  • Keep track of both excused and unexcused absences
  • Ask questions and talk to your school about attendance
  • Your child cannot do the homework if they are not in class to learn how to do the homework