Attendance Support Resources - What can we do as a family?

Attendance Accountability

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Attendance Support Resources

Call-A-Nurse for Children
What can we do as a family?

School Bus
Set a regular bedtime and an early enough wake-up time
Establish bedtime and early morning routines.
Make sure my child gets 9-11 hours of sleep
Give them time to wake up, get dressed and eat breakfast
Let me help my child be prepared for the next day
Lay out clothes and the backpack before bedtime
I will make my child’s morning easier to get to school
School Bus
Have a back-up plan for getting to school – ask family members,
neighbors, or other parents to help. If transportation is an issue,
contact your school administration to help provide solutions.
If my child is not feeling well (i.e. stomach ache, headache, light headed
and etc… , call (210-226-8773)(Call-A-Nurse for children) before I
decide to keep my child home.
Schedule appointments and vacations the best you can
I need to schedule appointments outside of school education time. I need to consider my child’s education time when planning our vacation.
Cell Phone
Keep in touch with my child’s teachers.
My child can make up home work but will they learn how to do their homework. I will talk to the teacher to ask how can I help.
Contact my school for any assistance, including attendance support.
My child or I can ask to meet with a campus representative.