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Attendance Support Resources

Call-A-Nurse for Children
Ways to keep my child healthy

Box of Kleenex
Teach your child to cover coughs and
sneezes with a tissue or in their sleeve
Washing Hands
Teach your child to wash his/her
hands frequently using soap and
warm water.
Cleaning Supplies
Clean surfaces such as a door knobs, 
phones, remote controls, toys and
keyboards often
Keep your child away from other sick
Washer and Dryer
If someone in the house is sick, wash
all shared surfaces and sheets often
and change toothbrushes.
Washing Hands
Don’t smoke around children.
Clock Icon
Take your child to your family doctor
once a year.
Ambulance Icon
Go to Urgent Care if immediate care
is required but it is not life-threatening.
Go to the ER if the condition is life- or
Meal Icon
Serve healthy meals with lots of fruits
and vegetables, plus plenty of water.
Vaccinations Icon
Keep your child’s shots up-to-date,
and include the flu vaccination every
Safety Icon
Prevent injuries: Make sure your
child wears a helmet when biking or
skate boarding, and wears a seat
belt when driving or riding in a car.
Sad Mood Icon
Pay attention to any signs that your
child is sad and withdrawn, self-
harming, using drugs or alcohol. Ask
for help. Talk to a healthcare
provider, your school counselor, social
worker or school administration.