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What is chronic absences and truancy?

What is Chronic Absenteeism?
Chronic Absenteeism is when your child is absent 10% of the
amount of days they are enrolled. Chronic Absences is calculated
will all absences which include excused absences, un-excused
absences, and suspensions.
Did you know?
A child who misses 2 days a
month of school is missing
10% of the school year
What are acceptable excuses?
Excused absences include:
o Illness
o Limited family emergencies
o Family deaths
o Medical, health or legal appointments
o Suspensions
o Religious commitments
o College visits
o Deployment of a military parent
Did you know?
Much like your own job, All
absences put your child at
risk of falling behind – even
excused ones!
Communicate with your
school if the student
absolutely must be out and
ensure that you submit the
excused note.
What is Truancy?
Truancy is any intentional unauthorized or illegal absence from
compulsory education. ( An un-excused absence that removes
the student from a learning environment.)
Truancy Actions are based on these un-excused absences. Refer
to our Early Intervention Model to see when you should be
notified of your child’s absences.
Did you know?
Truancy is against the law.
Your child falls behind in
school each time they miss
and students who are
habitually truant put
themselves and you in
danger of facing legal actions.
“I called the school and told them my
child would be out…”
Not all reasons are acceptable for a child to be excused.
For instance:
• Non-school sponsored activities or trips
• Limited family emergencies
• Family vacations or events
• The student has to work
• The student has to babysit
These are all examples of Unexcused Absences.
Did you know?
Just because you call the
school does not mean the
absence is automatically
excused! Remember: If you
do not submit the Dr. note or
a guardian note, it will be
considered an unexcused
absence. Talk you your
schools attendance office for
more details on excuses.