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Special Education - Parent Support Programs

Working to make sure parents have the right information, tools and support to help their children succeed in school. We are your go-to resource!

The Special Education Process Explained
Special Education provides specialized services to students with disabilities so that they can succeed in school.

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Parent Support Programs

Parent Support Program Resources

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SAISD Special Education Fiesta Medal
Family Signs/Crossroads

Choice Schools and Programs Timeline
Choice Schools and Programs Enrollment Process
How the Lottery Works

Student’s STAAR scores and resources

Preparing for the ARD
Parent Training Videos: ARD-IEP
Child Development
Advocate for your Child
Dual Diagnosis
Hearing Impaired
Down Syndrome
Community Resources
Language Development
Visually Impaired
STAAR Acommodations

Public Library
Notice of Procedural Safeguards
Aviso Sobre Procedimientos de Proteccion

Early Childhood Intervention - CHCS
NAMI National Alliance on Mental Illness
Parent Companion
Parentally Placed Private School Children with Disabilities
Social Security Administration
Texas First Project
Texas Assessment Program FAQs

Parenting Special Needs Magazine
Special Needs Magazines


Right to Information letters - Aiding Students Who Have Learning Difficulties or Who Need Special Education or Section 504 Services
Carta de Información de sus Derecho - Cómo ayudar a aquellos estudiantes que tienen dificultades de aprendizaje o precisan servicios de educación especial o de la Sección 504