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Ogden Elementary Laboratory School

The Teaching Experience at Ogden

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We're proud of the benefits we offer our staff


Help the district launch a teaching residency program at Ogden Elementary. In the process, serve as mentor teacher to resident interns, teaching them the most reliable techniques and content for their classrooms.

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  • Stipend of $7,500 for mentor roles and extended days
  • Stipend of $5,000 for required 15 days of 2017 summer professional development
  • Additional stipend if chosen to become grade-level or department chair
  • Access to tuition-free graduate degrees and extensive Master Teacher training
  • Base salary matching up to $5,000 above SAISD teacher salary schedule


Classroom teachers at Ogden will hold responsibility for the implementation of the school’s curriculum and the success of all its students.

Pre-K – 3rd Grade
There will be one Master Teacher in every Pre-K – 3rd Grade classroom, who partners with one Teaching Resident (a teacher-in-training) in that classroom. While the Master Teachers are the teachers of record for that classroom, both the Master Teacher and the Teaching Resident, with the help of a number of ESL support teachers, are responsible for teaching reading, writing, math, and character education throughout the day.

4th  6th Grades
There will be four subject strands in every 4th-6th grade next year: reading, writing, math, and science. A 4th-grade writing teacher will be teaching three, 80-minute blocks of writing each day to 4th-grade students. The same goes for all the other subjects. Teaching Residents will be in each classroom to help differentiate instruction.





In October 2016, the San Antonio Independent School District announced that it will open a new personalized learning academy in partnership with the Relay Graduate School of Education, creating a transformative school for both teacher development and student achievement.

The Ogden teaching & learning Lab School will be an innovative model school serving students with high needs. Master teachers will serve as mentors to resident interns who are working toward their certification. Classrooms will be facilitated by master teachers and residents working together to develop an authentic and challenging learning environment for every student.

Unparalleled opportunities for students
Teaching and learning at Ogden will take a creative and distinct approach designed to have the greatest impact on student learning. Every student will receive a Chromebook loaded with a variety of digital tools designed to create small-group learning communities in each subject throughout the school day. These digital tools will empower and enable teachers to create the smallest groups of students possible in each classroom, providing individualized, personal instruction.

As a result of these small groups, teachers will be able to meet their students exactly where they are and support their learning and growth in all academic subjects. Ultimately, through their experience at Ogden, students will be well-prepared to succeed in high school and college or career. 

Joy and Drive
Students, staff, and families will exhibit an unstoppable level of shared commitment, joy, and drive—consistently celebrating each other and their shared heritage, affirming the school’s values, and inspiring each other to push on in pursuit of their dreams. Every day will start with a Community Circle conducted almost entirely in Spanish, celebrating the successes of the school community and working to overcome challenges.


Pre-K – 6th Grade
The Ogden Lab School will start in the 2017-18 school year with Pre-Kindergarten through 6th grade, adding a grade every year until the school serves Pre-K-8th grade. Approximately 650 students are expected to be enrolled next year.

The school’s elementary will consist of Pre-K-5th -grade students, and the middle school will consist of 6th-8th-grade students (6th grade only in 2017-18).

Small Group Instruction
Teachers will be in front of small groups of students throughout much of the day. While the class size will be larger than the traditional school in the district (some classes will have 30-32 students), the addition of residents, teacher supports, and technology will allow for teachers and students to spend most of their days in small groups of 7-15 students.

Longer School Day
The school day will be longer than the traditional school day, with breakfast starting at 7:30 a.m. and classes running through 4 p.m.

Emphasis on Teacher Professional Development
Students dismiss early each Friday, allowing for teachers to engage in professional development for at least three hours each week. Friday afternoons will be set aside for staff development, including planning, data analysis, grade-level team meetings, and professional learning communities (PLCs). Each week will end with a staff meeting run by the principal and leadership team.

Early preparation for school year
The staff at Ogden will report back to school four weeks before the start of school for students to set a warm school culture, learn the school’s innovative curriculum, develop systems and routines for the year, and prepare their classrooms for students.

We are seeking teachers with a sense of urgency for student success, who know they will thrive in this type of innovative, specialized environment. Teachers must share a deep commitment to continuously improving curriculum and instruction through collaboration as part of a grade- and school-level team.

SAISD is looking for the strongest teachers from around the district and country for this major new endeavor.

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