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Magnet Programs

SAISD offers a wide variety of choices in education, particularly through its magnet programs: encompassing programs for high school and middle school students  We understand that education is not a "one size fits all" package, so we offer a breadth of programs to allow students to develop their talents or pursue special interests and career goals such as technology, public service, International Baccalaureate and language immersion. These special learning programs are available to students across Bexar County, those living within and outside the SAISD District. Come find out more about our offerings, and find a program that will ignite your child's passion for learning

High School Offerings


Agricultural Science at Burbank High School

Grow your dream job by exploring careers in agriculture, food and natural resources. Burbank opened in 1937 on the site of a farm with a focus on agricultural education. Today you will learn how to create your own business, grow and sell vegetables, plants and flowers, and raise small animals, such as goats, lambs, and pigs. You can earn college credit in high school and get a jump start on college and a career. More than 300 career opportunities exist within this pathway, and they increase with advances in technology. Many components of agriculture are involved in every part of our daily lives, from the food we eat, to the clothes we wear and the air we breathe.
Burbank High School
1002 Edwards St., 78204, 210-532-4241


Architecture & Environmental Studies at Jefferson High School

Today’s architects combine design skills with technical knowledge to achieve sustainable, beautiful, safe and economically-beneficial environments where people work and dwell.  The education and training can be rigorous and challenging, but the rewards are often great.  Students will learn the principles and elements needed to prepare them for a wide range of career paths, including architectural, interior or industrial design, urban planning, and even historic preservation. Students gain real-life professional experiences in the field and classroom through partnerships with architectural firms, environmental professionals, industry organizations and colleges and universities.
Jefferson High School
723 Donaldson Ave., 78201, 210-736-1981


Health Professions at Edison High School

Anatomy, medical terminology, and health science technology - these skills are essential, if you are planning a career in healthcare. The Health Professions Magnet can teach you all these and more. Visit local hospitals three times a week as a junior or senior to shadow healthcare workers and observe procedures and clinical practice. This program offers you the opportunity to get accepted into a professional school, earn dual credit with local colleges and/or take state certification exams needed to become employed in a medical career. If you care about helping people and want to enter the healthcare industry, the Health Professions Magnet is your first step.
Edison High School
701 Santa Monica, 78212, 210-733-9147


Health Professions at Fox Tech High School

Doctor, surgeon, forensic scientist, biomedical researcher - are these careers in your future? Join the Health Professions Magnet for a rigorous academic curriculum focusing on pre-med and a variety of medical careers, and earn up to 30 hours of college credit. Students will have the opportunity to access medical institutions including hospitals, university facilities, research laboratories and clinics. Come develop learning relationships with medical professionals throughout the community and experience global medical networking through contact with visiting physicians, as well as participate in seminars, summer volunteer programs and internships within the medical industry. Gain greater knowledge of the field of medicine - and a solid foundation to pursue a post-secondary degree.
Fox Tech High School
637 N. Main Ave., 78205, 210-226-5103


International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB) at Burbank High School

The International Baccalaureate Diploma at Burbank is the only IB program in San Antonio. This world-renowned program has graduated many of its students to go on to top-notch universities across the country, including Princeton and Vanderbilt. Burbank joins an elite group of campuses worldwide in offering this rigorous honors program. With IB, not only could you get into a choice university, but you will have the skills you need to complete your college education and make the career of your dreams a reality.
Burbank High School
1002 Edwards, 78204, 210-532-4241


International Business & Banking at Lanier HS

Start learning about the global market economy trends that will shape tomorrow. The Business and Banking program is your introduction to how entrepreneurship and innovative thinking can shape your future. Mentorships, job shadowing and internships will show you first-hand what it is like to work in banking and business. Work at an on-site Financial Service Center that doubles as a classroom. Compete in academic contests and present at conferences to develop your leadership skills and confidence. Earn your success the old fashion way... earn it with the International Business and Banking Magnet.
Lanier High School
1514 César E. Chávez Blvd., 78207, 210-223-2926

Law Professions at Fox Tech High School
(Judge Andy Mireles Law Magnet)

Want to be a lawyer? Then come and make your case with the Law Professions Magnet. Through a partnership with St. Mary's University School of Law, you will study legal communications, the foundation of the American legal system, civil law, criminal law and more. Earn advanced placement and dual credit college hours while you participate in mock trials and mentorships with attorneys. You can even get the chance to earn an internship to work in the legal community with a practicing judge or attorney. The verdict is in - the Law  Magnet is the place for students serious about pursuing a college degree and achieving a great future.
Fox Tech High School
637 N. Main Ave., 78205, 210-226-5103

Media Productions at Brackenridge High School

Media feeds the world with information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It's a fast-paced, cutting-edge industry that requires an understanding of journalism, fine arts, graphic arts, radio, television, speech and music. Experience the excitement and non-stop energy of the world of media production. Produce a news show and put your own documentary together. Don't just get the news - make the news. The Media Productions Magnet is where you start.
Brackenridge High School
400 Eagleland, 78210, 210-533-8144

Military Science and Public Service at Jefferson High School

The Military Science & Public Service Magnet is committed to creating heroes and leaders of tomorrow.  Through two different pathways, the programs focus on developing college-ready, creative leaders, with an emphasis on rigorous academics and numerous enrichment and leadership activities. The Military Science program includes participation in the JROTC, and an emphasis on the values of citizenship, service to the United States, teamwork and personal responsibility. Students graduate prepared to enter a military institute or other four-year university.  Students in the Public Service pathway explore public administration and leadership responsibilities in local, state and national government. Student involvement includes choosing from a host of leadership organizations.
Jefferson High School
723 Donaldson Ave., 78201, 210-736-1981

Public Safety at Edison High School

SAISD has partnered with San Antonio College (SAC) and the San Antonio Fire and Police Departments to offer a fast track to careers in fire science and law enforcement. The Fire and Police Academies are open to juniors and seniors throughout Bexar County and offer college credits equal to a freshman year and industry certifications. They are the only such programs in Bexar County. Students will get hands-on experience by participating in internships – including ride-outs with SAPD or SAFD – and benefit from having mentors from the respective departments. SAC is rated one of the top five Fire Science Academies in the U.S.
Edison High School
701 Santa Monica, 78212, 210-733-9147

Science, Engineering and Technology at Highlands High School

Design and exciting high-tech career! The SET Magnet focuses on career skills in science, engineering and technology. Your math and science knowledge will be used daily as you work in teams to take apart and rebuild computers and diagnose hardware and software problems. Learn through creative projects designed to build models, robots, computers and bridges and test their performance. Plan to compete locally and nationally in science and technology events.
Highlands High School
3118 Elgin Ave., 78210, 210-333-0421

World Languages at Brackenridge High School

The lightning-fast technology and communications of today have connected people all over the world as never before - and those who have the global perspective and foreign language skills necessary for success will have the best opportunities and the brightest futures. The World Languages Magnet is the place to study French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Latin, Russian or Spanish and graduate with a global perspective and language proficiency. Broaden your world through the World Languages Magnet.
Brackenridge High School
400 Eagleland, 78210, 210-533-8144

High School Application English
High School Application Spanish


Middle School Offerings


American Heritage Magnet at Poe Middle School

What do you think about when you see a rollercoaster? Did you know that in China a rollercoaster is a symbol of international pride? With the American Heritage Magnet, you will learn about the world around you while you create, visualize and accomplish your goals. Hands on projects and group learning ensure that you understand the principles of democracy, citizenship, leadership and more. Empower yourself and become an agent of change in your life - and in our world through the American Heritage Magnet.
Poe Middle School
814 Aransas Ave., 78210, 210-534 -6331


Multilingual at Tafolla Middle School

Speaking a second language is not only cool, but it can be a very valuable tool in your future career. In the Multilingual Magnet Program, you can learn Spanish, French, German, Russian and Japanese. Imagine starting a company that does business with Japan; or being the international liaison for a multi-billion dollar company in Europe. The path starts here. Learn about the culture, gain a better understanding of the world around you, compete in language contests at universities - you can do it all through the Multilingual Magnet.
Tafolla Middle School
1303 W. Durango Blvd., 78220, 210-227-3383


Technology Magnet at Rhodes Middle School

Medicine, international business, television and film, the internet and so many other amazing industries wouldn't exist without technology. The Technology Magnet is your introduction to this ever-changing and complex world. Get the skills you need to prepare yourself for high school and college. Imagine building bridges and working on circuit boards for computers. Taking science to the next level and beyond - that kind of work is what the Technology Magnet is all about.
Rhodes Middle School
3000 Tampico St., 78207, 210-433-5092