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Master Teachers Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for PROSPECTIVE Master Teachers

What is the start date for Master Teachers for the 2018-2019 school year?
The expected start date for new SAISD Master Teachers is Monday, July 16, 2018.

How can I check my eligibility for the role?
All Master Teachers will be classroom teachers with a proven track record of success. The job description posted online contains all eligibility criteria. Teachers who pass the initial screening will be contacted and moved forward in the interview process.

If I pass the screening process, am I guaranteed a role?
No, principals have the final say in hiring for Master Teachers. After passing the eligibility screening, your submissions will be rated on rubrics. Candidates who pass these screens will participate in on-campus or virtual interviews, depending on candidate location and principal preference.

If I’m new to SAISD, can I choose the school where I’ll teach?
1) Master Teachers are placed based on student and campus need.
2) Our team will work with candidates to match them to campuses for which they are a strong fit.

Is there any additional training related to the Master Teacher role?
Master Teachers will be invited to a variety of additional training opportunities throughout the year. Review the webpage for current Master Teachers to review current opportunities. As we solicit input for current Master Teachers, future offerings may change and continue to improve.

Will the Master Teacher role look the same on every campus?
No. Principals determine classroom placements and responsibilities of their Master Teachers, aligned to their School Improvement Plans.

Are there additional hours required of Master Teachers?
Master Teachers will be expected to work five additional hours per week to fulfill expectations associated with their roles. Because principals will have the ability to tailor the role to their campus needs, responsibilities may vary slightly from campus to campus.

I am located outside the San Antonio area. Can I complete the application steps remotely?

Yes, we can make accommodations to ensure all eligible candidates are considered. Please ensure your teaching certification has been transferred to Texas to meet eligibility requirements (see above).

Are non-core teachers eligible to be a master teacher?
We are in the process of determining non-core roles that we will consider piloting for master teacher in 2018-2019.

FAQ for CURRENT Master Teachers

Master Teachers Absences

How will master teacher daily absences be handled when students are scheduled to stay for extended time in the afternoon? Should another master teacher "cover" the session?
Principals should develop a campus procedure that supports their staffing configuration for different situations such as one-day absences or multiple-day absences. Possible scenarios were provided for principals in Weekly Administrative Memos of 8/21/17.

If I am absent from the regular school day, but am available to return to campus for my afternoon extended time with students, may I do so?

I missed one or more days of the summer Master Teacher professional development week. Can I make up these days? 
The Office of Academics will provide as much of the missed content and materials as it can; but most of the learning opportunities will not be repeated this fall. However, the Office of Academics is open to discussing options with the master teacher and campus principal on a case-by-case basis.

Our campus did not work with students the 10 days in the summer.  Could we make that up on Saturdays throughout the year?  What times would students need to be present in order for the hours to count? Also, would we need to use Novatime to track our hours?
Yes, with approval from the Office of Academics and TIF Directors, a campus may revise its campus plan to include Saturday sessions with students.  Discuss with your Principal how the campus plans to ensure that students are present for the full day, provide breakfast and lunch, and the focus of each content area for each day.  The campus will need to have a detailed plan for each Saturday scheduled.  Novatime is not required.  A sign-in sheet would be needed, just as is used now for extended time after school.  However, you may use Novatime if you prefer.


Extended Time

What are the expectations for master teacher extended time?
On average, a minimum of five (5) additional hours with students per instructional week during the 2018-2019 school year. The target would be, therefore, a minimum of 177 hours over the course of the school year. Extended hours must be completed by May 17, 2019.

Can we do 6 hours per week with students if the total reaches 177 hours? We would like to accelerate the service provided to students for maximum impact before STAAR testing.
Yes, if the plan is approved by the campus principal and meets documentation requirements.

Can some of the 5 hours per school week occur on Saturdays? 
Yes if the master teacher is willing, the principal approves, and the campus can demonstrate sufficient participation by students.  

What is the minimum number of students who should attend extended-day sessions?
A minimum of 10 students is the target for collective impact.

My after-school program started after the first day of school. How will I make up those hours? 
The time with students missed during these first days will be recouped over time during the first six weeks. The target is a minimum of 177 hours over the course of the school year.

My after-school session is one hour long, but the bus picks up the students 20 minutes after the end of the session. Whose responsibility is it to supervise the students?
Given the multiple possible scenarios, it would be best for each campus to develop local solutions on a case-by-case basis.

Q: How will we monitor and document extended time spent with students?
Teachers will record student attendance in MTScheduler. Principals will monitor the instructional time to ensure we are meeting district standards (5 hours weekly and 177 hours for the year).



Do I need to clock in using NOVATime?
The District will not require NOVATime to record additional instructional time for Master Teachers at your campuses.  Principals will monitor the instructional time to ensure we are meeting district standards (5 hours weekly and 177 hours for the year).  Please communicate with your Principal.