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SAISD Instructional Model

The Instructional model organizes and aligns the SAISD vision into a high-level plan that embodies what we want for our students in the future and today’s classrooms. One of the understandings is the role of 21st Century Learning competencies: critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication.

The Instructional Model is based on four primary components 1) a Learner-Centered Environment to include goal setting and learner profiles; 2) Flexible Pedagogical Practices to Increase Rigor such as using the GRR Framework and inquiry-based instruction; 3) Meaningful and Relevant Curriculum and Assessment that is standards-based and offers personalized and blended learning opportunities; and 4) Safe and Caring Environment that emphasizes a culturally inclusive and relationship-oriented classroom.

An integral part of this instructional model is how curriculum and instruction embeds the technology-based standards as part of the instructional planning and pedagogical delivery of instruction to engage students in relevant 21st Century Learning Skills found in the Technology Applications Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills and that are embodied in the Graduate profile (see image below).

SAISD Instructional Model
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