School Supply List

New on this year’s supply checklist: Apply for a San Antonio Public Library card

As part of the school supply list, SAISD is asking that students complete an application to receive a San Antonio Public Library card, which will provide access to a variety of resources, including eBooks and research collections, that supplement the collections offered by SAISD. Once completed, parents/guardians may submit the application to the public library or turn it in to the librarian at the school their child attends, after the school year begins.

2016-17 School Year

Individual School Supply Lists
(Lists are posted as we receive them from campuses)

Advanced learning academy
Barkley-Ruiz ES
Beacon Hill ES
Bonham Academy
JT Brackenridge ES
Collins Garden ES
Cotton ES
De Zavala ES
Foster ES
Franklin ES
Gates ES
Graebner ES
Hawthorne Academy
Highland Hills ES
Highland Park ES
Hillcrest ES
Hirsch ES
Japhet ES
Kelly ES
M. L. King Academy
Miller ES
Mission Academy
Neal ES
Pershing ES
Rodriguez ES
Schenck ES
Stewart ES
Storm ES
Wilson ES
Woodlawn Academy
Woodlawn Hills ES

Mission Statement

To transform SAISD into a national model urban school district where every child graduates and is educated so that he or she is prepared to be a contributing member of the community.

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