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Bilingual/ESL & Migrant - Assistant Superintendent's Welcome

Olivia HernandezHola, San Antonio

Let me begin by saying that it gives me great pride to be able to serve at a magnificent school district such as San Antonio ISD. During my time here, I have seen firsthand how much the district embraces cultural diversity and is committed to offering families a range of educational options, including quality bilingual/ESL programs for both emergent bilingual students and native English speakers. 

The Bilingual/ESL & Migrant Department and I have been hard at work to help San Antonio ISD deliver a bilingual education experience that provides every student, including over 10,000 English learners, with a sense of belonging while helping them grow intellectually, emotionally and socially through collaborative relationships and transformative pedagogy. Embracing the goals set forth by Superintendent Pedro Martínez in the SAISD Blueprint for Excellence: Target 2020, my staff and I have focused on tailoring the district’s two-way dual language, transitional bilingual late exit and ESL/content based programs to ensure that our students have the means and opportunity to develop the effective language skills, strong cognitive and academic skills, and cross-cultural understanding that will enable them to achieve their full potential and fully take advantage of social, economic, and educational opportunities both today and in the future.  

I am honored and very excited to be serving as the San Antonio ISD Assistant Superintendent for Bilingual/ESL & Migrant, and I look forward to continue working with department staff, bilingual/ESL teachers, school faculty, students, parents and the community as we make this journey to provide quality instruction in Spanish and in English for our students. I know that we will continue to come together in a team effort to make bilingual education in San Antonio ISD the best in the nation. 

Olivia Hernandez
Assistant Superintendent, Bilingual/ESL & Migrant