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Bilingual/ESL & Migrant - Compliance

The purpose of the San Antonio ISD Bilingual/ESL & Migrant Department is to train, inform, and guide SAISD schools on the appropriate compliance frameworks necessary to effectively comply with federal and state laws on educating English Learners (ELs). Under federal compliance responsibility, San Antonio ISD must ensure that all schools in the district establish uniform adherence to these guidelines.

The roles and responsibilities of the San Antonio ISD Bilingual/ESL & Migrant Department go beyond those established in the Texas Administrative Code, 19 TAC Chapter 89, subchapter BB, Commissioner’s Rules Concerning State Plan for Educating Limited English Proficient (LEP) Students. These include ensuring adherence to policy, designing and evaluating program models and content, testing and classifying of students, and establishing Language Proficiency Assessment Committees (LPACs).

LPACs play a pivotal role in educating ELs. They serve as an advocate for ELs and are responsible for identification, assessment and documentation review, placement, instructional methodologies and/or interventions, collaboration, annual review, assessment, and parental notification. The Bilingual/ESL & Migrant Department maintains policy and procedures for the selection, appointment, and training of LPAC members.

LPAC Framework ESC-20