Beacon Hill Elementary
1411 West Ashby Place
San Antonio, Texas  78201

Phone: (210) 738-9765
Fax: (210) 735-6683

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Beacon Hill  Important Dates



1/5       80th Day of School—Dress 80’s

1/13     Volunteer Orientation Class 5:30, Library

1/13     PTA Meeting, 6:30pm, 4th Grade Performs

1/14     End of 2nd 9-Weeks

1/14     PE/Health Dr. Walsh Presentation

1/14     I-Station Growth Parties 2:35pm

1/15     Student Holiday

1/18     MLK Day—School Holiday

1/19     Start 2nd 9-Weeks

1/20     Computational Fluency Parties 2:35pm

1/22     2nd 9-weeks Awards Day

1/22     PTA Good Kid Movie Night 6-8pm

1/25     Head Start Parent Meeting

1/25-2/5          PTA Popcorn Fundraiser

1/27     Miles for Smiles, 8-3 Library

1/28                 PE/Health Animal Safety Presentation

1/30     Parent Workshop 1:30-3:00, Library

“Making a Change and Making It Last” &             “Home Safety”

2/1-2/5 Counselor Appreciation Week

2/2                   Ground Hog Day!

2/3       100th Day of School—Dress 100 Years Old

2/9       Family Math Night, 6:30pm Cafeteria

2/10     Volunteer Orientation Class 5:30pm

2/10     PTA Meeting 6:30pm, 2nd Grade Performs

2/12     Parent Workshop 1:30-3pm, Library

2/14                 Valentine’s Day

2/15     President’s Day—School Holiday

2/17     Parent Summit @ Norris

2/26     Kinder Field Trip to Zoo

RSAISD Mission

To transform SAISD into a national model urban school district where every child graduates and is educated so that he or she is prepared to be a contributing member of the community.

SAISD Vision

Our primary purpose of improving lives through a quality education is driven by an unrelenting determination to graduate all of our students and prepare them for success in higher education. Our ideology is reflected in our fundamental beliefs, commitments and core values that guide us in our daily practices.


Core Values

  • Student Centered
  • High Expectations
  • Commitment
  • Passion
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Teamwork

Core Beliefs

  • Every student can learn and achieve at high levels.
  • We are responsible for the education and safety of every student.
  • We are responsible for the efficient and effective operation of the school system.
  • Everyone should be treated with respect.
  • People support what they help create.

Beacon Hill Mission:

All students will reach their maximum potential as individuals.

Beacon Hill Vision:

At Beacon Hill, we provide a fun, safe, welcoming, educational environment designed to provide students with a well-rounded foundational education.

The high expectations held by our caring staff through a focused learning environment rich in technology, problem solving and collaboration will allow our students to be competitive in the future.




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