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Connell Middle School

400 Hot Wells Blvd.
San Antonio, Texas  78223

Phone: (210) 438-6835
Fax: (210) 534-6589



Uniform Compliance:

All students are expected

to be in proper uniforms.

Grade level, Color-coded

Uniform shirts:

6th grade-Gold polo shirt 

7th grade-White polo shirt
8th grade-Royal blue polo shirt




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Band Course Information

The Beginning Band students have been placed in like instrument (known as homogenous) classes to provide the correct type of detail and technique needed for each of the nine instruments offered at Connell Middle School.  Most of these students have had no prior instrumental music experience and have been tested and placed in the instrument that will physically provide the most amount of success.  Performances for beginning band students will consist of a Fall Recital, winter and spring Concert, band festival, solo and ensemble contest and various other recitals.  Students are expected to demonstrate mastery of tone production on their instrument, perform the Bb, Eb, Ab, Db, G, C, F and Chromatic scales, and play with acceptable intonation in a one octave range.
The Symphonic (Intermediate) Band is made up of mostly seventh graders.  This group will perform at the SAISD marching band showcase, winter and spring concert, pre-UIL band festivals, pep rallies, and solo and ensemble contest.  In addition to the requirements of beginning band, students are expected to expand their range from one octave to two octaves, increase rhythmic understanding to include sixteenth note variations, and perform solos with increasing musicality at contests.
The Honor Band (Advanced Group) consists of mostly eighth graders with a select number of auditioned seventh grade students. The group will participate in all the above listed events plus region band auditions and UIL concert and sight reading contest.  The Honor Band is the representative of the band program and will perform at requested events and fundraisers throughout the year.  Students will audition at the end of the year for placement in this group.  Students will be expected to master symphonic band expectations as well as mentor beginning band students, perform in small ensembles, audition for TMEA Region Band, and increase their range in the woodwind instruments to three octaves for selected scales.