Crockett Elementary School

2215 Morales Street
San Antonio, Texas  78207

Phone: (210) 434-6201
Fax: (210) 434-6476




26- Memorial Day Holiday



5- Last day of school

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School Hours:

The instructional day for students begins at 7:25. and ends at 2:40 P.M. Your cooperation is appreciated. 

Daily Routine:

7:25 A.M.-Students will line up in their designated area for teacher pick-up.  

2:40 P.M.-Dismissal of ALL students (bus, walkers, and parent pick-up)  


On regular days, ALL PK, K and 1st grade students will be dismissed/picked up from the Gym.  All other grade levels, 2nd-5th will be dismissed/pick up from their designated areas in front of the school.

On BAD WEATHER DAYS, PK students will be dismissed from the Cafeteria.  ALL other grades, K-5th will be dismissed from the Gym.



Each campus is required to closely monitor student attendance and report excessive absences to the SAISD Attendance Auditor for possible court action.  If your child is absent, the data clerk or his/her designee will call to verify that you are aware of the absence and determine the reason for such absence.  When your child must be absent, it is important that a written note explaining the absence be sent to the teacher upon his/her return to the school (first day back).  All notes for absences must be submitted to the school within 48 hours of the student’s return to school or the absence will be unexcused. Please make sure the note is dated and signed by you or a doctor.  An absence without a written note will be considered unexcused. 

At times, it is necessary to schedule an appointment with a doctor or dentist during the instructional day.  If possible, please try to arrange such visits toward the end of the day.   If a morning appointment is necessary and your child is able to return to school the same day, ask the doctor’s office for a note and your child will not be counted absent.  Most doctors will work with you to ensure that instruction is disrupted as little as possible.

If your child’s doctor issues special instructions or medication that must be given at school, notify the school nurse and classroom teacher immediately.  The parent must bring the medication and complete the SAISD Medication Consent form before any medications (prescription or over the counter) can be administered.  Students are not allowed to carry any type of medication (prescription or over the counter).  The school nurse is on duty from 7:25 a.m. – 2:40 p.m.  Together, we can keep your child safe and healthy.  See the SAISD Student Code of Conduct Booklet. 


Students arriving after 7:35 a. m. will be considered tardy and will need to come to the office for a tardy slip.  The Texas Compulsory Attendance Law states that a student must be present at school throughout the instructional day, 7:25A. M. - 2:40 P. M.   

Having your child arrive on time and remain until the end of the instructional day allows him/her to participate fully in our instruction program.

A student is considered tardy if: 

a. A student is not in their assigned area when the class bell rings and the teacher is unaware of the student’s whereabouts;

b. An elementary student departs from school earlier than the official dismissal time

 *Please note* If a child accumulated 4 or more tardies in a 9 week period that student will not receive a Perfect Attendance ribbon.  

After School Care:

Y.M.C.A. After School  Program provides after school care for students attending Crockett ES. The Y.M.C.A. After School  Program is sponsored by the Y.M.C.A.- for more information on this program please call the main office at 210-434-6201.  

Dress Code: 

See the SAISD Student Code of conduct Booklet

Students in the San Antonio ISD are required to wear a school uniform.  Failure to do so may lead to consequences.  Please review the Uniform section in the Student Code of Conduct Booklet for a detailed description of the uniform.  The office staff will gladly address any question that you may have about the school uniform.  *Please note* Students may wear a white or royal blue polo shirt. 

Student Behavior:

Please read and discuss the SAISD Student code of Conduct Booklet with your child.  This booklet carefully explains the rules, regulations and consequences for violating the Code of Conduct.  When your child brings the Student Code of Conduct booklet home, please read, sign and return the required signature paper indicating that your have read the booklet with your child.