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August 22, 2016


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September 5, 2016


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October 21, 2016


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Welcome to the EHS Teacher Bear's Den
New Reminders-updated 1/15/2010
Bell Schedule

1st 8:50 - 9:35    
2nd 9:41 - 10:33 45min+7min  
3rd 10:39 - 11:24    
4th 11:30 - 12:15 Lunch 1 11:30 - 12:00
Lunch 2 12:21 - 12:51 4th 12:06 -12:51
5th  12:57 - 1:42    
6th 1:48 - 2:33    
7th 2:39 - 3:24    
8th 3:30 - 4:15    



SealedGrade Change Form
InnocentTSR Teacher Self-Report here.
Money mouthBus Request Form.--see other forms near the bottom of this page.
CryPlease turn in your instructional calendar AND syllabus to your CIC (it can be emailed).  Many non-core instructional calendars and syllabi are noticably missing.  Administration and district specialists may use these for walk-throughs.  The next professional development day will have some time for next nine-weeks planning/organizing but we will need copies based on curriculum guides. This is a campus-wide strategy.
Surprised My Internet is down!!  If this happens, first check with your neighbor to make sure it is not just your computer and then try "hardwiring it" to the wall.  Like today, only the wireless went down (as it does with bad weather--maybe there is a leak somewhere that trips the breaker) but if you plugged in your Ethernet Cable, you would have been able to access the Internet.  We have some extra old Ethernet cables if you need one--they are about 3 feet long and nice black ones originally came with each new laptop (4 years ago).
SmileDraft of CIP as of Sept 15th.
LaughingIf you need help setting up a system in your classroom for "I Can" Statements, Policy & Procedures, Agendas, & Word Walls, just let us know.  Our three Marzano strategies are Identify Similarities & Differences, Summarizing & Note Taking, and the Six Step Vocabulary Development Process.
SealedGATS has a "group" option that allows you to enter an assignment just once for all of your like classes.  Just click on the period on the right side and make like classes as the same group number for each period.
Tongue outAdobe 9 won't open?  Easy!!  Just open Adobe as a regular program (START, PROGRAMS); ADOBE; then in the program choose EDIT, PREFERENCES, on left side choose INTERNET; uncheck DISPLAY PDF IN BROWESER; and click on OKAY.  Now close the program and it is fixed!  When opening PDFs (like your curriculum guides) you may have to click on pop up message at the top of the page to ALLOW DOWNLOAD.
SealedTo get computer help, email the SAISD HelpDesk This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 281-9090.  Include your room number, SAISD tag number, your name/email, and phone extension if you have one.  The Remote Administrator "R" at the bottom right-hand side of the screen will allow them to log on WITH your permission....it looks like
SurprisedTardy Policy information-Students will receive a pass to class if the computer doesn’t indicate that they need to go to the OCI or have a parent conference.  
-students are given 3 tardies per nine weeks
- 4th tardy results will result in one period of OCI
- 5th tardy will result in one period of OCI and the parent will be contacted
-  6th tardy will result in a required parent conference (and each additional tardy) with an administrator before returning to classes.  
Again, do not admit any students after the bell rings. 
DO, send to Ms. Valerio any changes you need in attendance using this form (changing from absence to tardy)-you can just email it. Tip--Collecting the green printout passes will help you make corrections later in the day.Surprised
LaughingNow announcing optional TRAINING TUESDAYS in the CIC office.  If you need training, CICs can accommodate you on Tuesdays in the CIC office.  Like at a doctor's office, you can WALK IN and share your need and we will customize your training.  Our first formal training is this
Tuesday, Sept. 8th-GATS/iDataPortal/Outlook tips. 
Tuesday, Sept 15th-eSPED training-the special education computer ARD/modification program.
All Tuesdays beyond this are yours--around the clock tailor-made training/support to your order-every Tuesday.
A CIC will be in the CIC each period Tuesdays--bring your laptop if you have one.  If you have a special request, let us know ahead of time in case we need to prepare items to help you (manuals, books, ideas).
SealedIf you do not have a Texas Lifetime Teacher Certification, make sure you are keeping track of your outside professional development hours.  District events are posted on epath and you can print a transcript from there to help document this.  You will receive a letter from TEA/SBEC to renew your certification if they have your correct contact information.  They will ask you to go on-line and pay to re-certify.  Your documentation will be required if you are audited.
InnocentTechnology.  A lot of our technology is "dying".  We don't have any replacement money or repair money at this time.  We are told that purchasing new technology will be placed on the bond this fall.  Somehow we will have to hang in there.  As laptops die, we will transfer them to the CIC closet and try to "part them out" and find someone who is willing donate their time to piecing them together.  If there any volunteers out there willing help us with this, please let me (Mrs. Madore) know.  
Instructional Support--based on the latest EHS teacher questions:


Teacher Professional Development--based on the latest EHS teacher questions:
AVID Workshops
AP Workshops

Teacher Professional Articles to Read

Games templates from others--based on the latest EHS teacher questions:
Deal or No Deal
Hollywood Squares
Weakest Link
Madore has sound links for these games--just email her to receive those files.
Thanks to the people that created these original templates!


Forms--This is handy.

Attendance Change Form

Bus Request Form 

Campus Announcement Form

Facility Request Form

Fax Cover Sheet

Inventory Transfer Sheet


Technology Questions:--based on the latest EHS teacher questions:
Technology Teacher Needs file
Help Desk 281-9090 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Parent Permission for web page Internet English

Parent Permission for web page Internet Spanish


GATS--based on the latest EHS teacher questions:

GATS Manual

Edusoft--based on the latest EHS teacher questions:

Edusoft Link 

Class List Report Direction

Item Response Report Directions

Item Analysis Directions

How to create your own tests-manual. 






This webpage was created by Mrs. Madore to support Edison teachers.