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RISE is an acronym for Rise up - I am – Strong – Enough. The mission of the RISE Program is to instill in students a positive attitude toward school that exemplifies DIGNITY, HONOR and RESPECT for self and others.


The RISE Program is a research-based, true alternative to traditional education programs.  SAISD purchased the RISE Program Model in 2008. The purpose of alternative education is to increase the number of students that perform at grade level.  However, the unfortunate reality is that the longer students are enrolled in most alternative programs their academic progress slows down, compared to their peers.  The RISE Program is designed to both reverse this academic trend and meet the behavioral / social needs of these students.  The RISE Program is a behavioral laboratory where students are provided the opportunity to practice discreet behavioral skills that have a direct correlation to success in the classroom and their daily lives.





The motto of the RISE Program is “Be the Shepherd”.  The reason for this is that the shepherd must serve as a role model, mentor and leader for others, even when it is difficult. Retention is greatest when the student can serve as a teacher and leader. We want to develop our students into leaders.






The Rise Program is built on the foundation of:


· Uncompromising attention to detail · TEKS correlated activities daily · Staff modeling· Faculty monitoring and self-monitoring · Multiple approaches to instruction · Continuous program improvement· Behavioral skill building with social skills· Team building activities· Competition each week · Technology integration  



Students who have experienced limited success in school discuss and consider college much later in their lives than successful students.  By focusing on college themes, the RISE Program is designed to encourage life-long learning and expanded career opportunities.  Self-esteem and social skills are taught in an environment of healthy competition, with an emphasis on athletics.  Students compete in a variety of daily academic, behavioral, and athletic activities.  They learn that their performance impacts the larger group, and therefore, discover that they must work together as a team to be successful.