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Our weekly Character Education Assemblies have begun!
Talk with your families about our pillars: Respect, Responsibility, Self Discipline, Compassion, Perseverance, Honesty, and Generosity



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Student Email

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Wednesday, 12 October 2011 02:18

Our Charter

As we move toward our goal of an exemplary education for all students, Hawthorne looks forward to continuing to serve as a model for academy schools and as a professional development site. We continue to look to our original charter for guidance in our work:

Hawthorne will utilize the best our community has to offer: the commitment of our families, the resources offered by institutions of higher learning, and best teaching practices to make our children successful as they progress from elementary to high school and beyond.

We seek to ensure that each student has the resources, abilities, and inspiration to overcome obstacles, fulfill obligations, and achieve his or her dreams. We seek to instill in our students a dedication to academic achievement and a purpose of mind to use their knowledge in service to their community through higher educational pursuits, military service, skilled work, and responsible citizenship.

Hawthorne will be more than just a PK-8 Academy in the San Antonio Independent School District. Hawthorne Academy will serve as a community school - connecting children, parents, school, and community in a positive learning environment.

Hawthorne will become an exemplary community school using exemplary practices. As a charter school Hawthorne will:

  • Service three year old through eighth grade students in a nurturing environment.
  • Open enrollment to kindergarten through eighth grade students on a space available basis.
  • Serve the community as a demonstration site for professional development.


Hawthorne Academy is in its 2nd decade of implementation of the Core Knowledge curriculum. This broad curriculum provides the basis for our instruction in language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, art, and music. The widening spiral of knowledge provided by this sequence of instruction ensures that each Hawthorne student will have a strong foundation and will continue to build on previous learning and surpass the expectations set forth in the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. Our goal for success on state assessments (e.g., STAAR) is not only student mastery- our students strive to achieve Commended Performance status. Our teachers share their knowledge of Core curriculum at national conferences and through presentations to educators throughout the country.

To find out more about the Core Knowledge curriculum please visit the Core Knowledge Website. For more information on the STAAR, please visit the website of the Texas Education Agency.

Character Education

Every week, our students participate in assemblies highlighting one or more of our pillars of character.

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Honesty
  • Self Discipline
  • Generosity
  • Perseverance
  • Compassion







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