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Hillcrest Elementary School

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Phone: (210) 228-3340
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SmileMiss Nikolas 2nd GradeCool

Welcome back and great ready for a fabulous 2013 school year! It is going to be a great year with lots of goals, learning and fun to look foward to.


Reading: 90-120 words per minute and fluently reading 300 2nd grade high frequecy words

Math: Fluency in single digit addition/subtraction, greatest to least, muliplication, measurement, fluency in double digit addition and subtraction


Homework will be assigned at the beginning of the week with homework activities that are to be completed on a daily basis.  Homework is to be completed in the extension journals provided in the homework folders.  All homework is to be kept in the homework folder.  Homework will be collected every Friday morning.  Homework will help your child reinforce skills they learned in kindergarten and first grade.  They need to remember not just this year but previous years materials.  If you have any questions about school work or homework, please feel free to contact me at the school.


Behavior folders are to be signed by parent/guardian everyday.  This is the indicator that lets the teacher know you have reviewed the behavior calendar and any notes by the teacher. Parents will be contacted if a student receives a color of orange, purple or red.

Homework and Behavior and Folders:

Homework and Hillcrest Tiger folders are to be brought to school everyday. These folders are essential to communicaton between myself and parents. If homework is not done or the Tiger folder is not signed a parent note will need be written as an excuse or a yellow will given. 

Important Information:

Conference Time: 10:25-11:10

School Phone Number: 210-228-3340

School Schedule