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Sam Houston
High School

4635 E. Houston St.
San Antonio, Texas  78220

Phone: (210) 978-7900
Fax: (210) 666-2915


Winter Break Starts Dec. 21st thru Jan 2nd.

Students return back from Break On:
Jan. 4,  2016 


















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The Sam Houston High School Library Media Center shall be an important part of our students’ total learning experience and educational foundation.  As such, we are committed to preparing students with lifelong learning skills by guiding them through the process of discovering information independently and providing them with the skills necessary to become contributing members of society.  We encourage students and staff to use the Library and all its available resources as often as possible.



  • Be Accessible
  • Be Flexible
  • Be Welcoming
  • Be an Integral part of the school
  • Be Responsive to the needs of students and staff




  • BOOKS:  The Library Media Center owns more than 15,000 fiction, non-fiction, and reference books.
  • Playaways: Audio books are available for checkout upon return of a parental permission form.
  • Ebooks are available also.
  • PERIODICALS:  The Library Media Center subscribes to approximately 50 magazines.  They are available for in-library reading.
  • VIDEOS:  The Library Media Center has over 1,000 videos in our collection.  They are available for staff to check out for use in classrooms.




  • CLASSES:Teachers may sign-up to bring their classes to the Library whenever there is space available.  This can be done by signing their name and class periods on the designated calendar.
  • GROUPS: Teachers may send up to 3 students to the Library to do special reports or necessary research.
  • PASSES:Students who enter the Library must have a pass from their teacher. Students who come to the Library as a class with their teacher do not need a pass.
  • SIGN-INS: All students who enter the Library must sign-in at the circulation desk.  Students who come to the Library as a class with their teacher do not need to sign-in.






  • The Library will be open on school days from 8:00 AM to 4:20 PM.
  • All students must sign-in when entering the Library.
  • Students will need a written pass from their teacher in order to enter the Library during class periods.
  • Food and drinks are not permitted in the Library.
  • Students may check out three books for two weeks each.  Books may be renewed once.
  • Students may request a book be placed on hold for them.  Notices will be sent to homerooms when the requested book becomes available.
  • Students will use their school ID number to check out books.
  • Returned books are to be placed in the book drop inside the Library and not on the shelves.
  • Fines will be charged for lost or damaged books.
  • Magazines are available for in-library use.
  • Staff may check out videos for classroom use.
  • Reference books are available for in-library use.
  • Students may access the automated card catalog by using a Library computer.




  • Library computers may only be used for educational purposes.
  • Students must ask permission before using a Library computer.
  • Students may save their work to “my documents” or a usb flash drive.
  • Students must ask permission before printing.
  • Students may send their work to the printer only once to avoid multiple copies.