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Sam Houston
High School

4635 E. Houston St.
San Antonio, Texas  78220

Phone: (210) 978-7900
Fax: (210) 666-2915


Winter Break Starts Dec. 21st thru Jan 2nd.

Students return back from Break On:
Jan. 4,  2016 


















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The History Department at Sam Houston High School is devoted to the use of project based learning (PBL). Our students need teachers can do more than impart knowledge upon our student body. They need teachers who can teach them the skills they can use in college and provide them with experiences that will benefit them in the world beyond. 


Devising lessons that focus on the products students make, not just the information they understand is essential for our students as they grow to become working cogs in the 21st century machine that is today's economy. In social studies, we promote innovation, not just memorization. We focus on imaginative products, not intensive testing. The things we make are essentially a display of our capabilities, an index of the skills and abilities we have gained in our lifetime. If our students leave this school having not only absorbed knowledge, but created knowledge based products, then we have done our job.