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Lanier JROTC 


 JROTC Competes  JROTC Competes


The JROTC program prepares students for real life and entry into the military. This program teaches discipline, dedication and responsibility. The program includes extra -curricular activities such as the Armed Drill Team, Unarmed Drill Team, Color Guard and the Physical Fitness Team. All of the teams complete in UIL competitions and members of the teams earn a letter jacket after two years on the team. 


JROTC Quote of the Month:

“Don’t let your ego get too close to your position, so that if your position gets shot down, your ego doesn’t go with it.”  -General Colin Powell


JROTC Teams:


- Armed Drill Team: This team teaches cadets to march, spin rifles, and have fun. This team is for males only.


- Unarmed Drill Team: Cadets learn to march, and routines with beats using their hands. It sounds complicated, but if you put in time, and effort, you can learn the routines well. On this drill team you do not have rifles. This team is for females only.


- Color Guard: The color guard consists of two cadets with flags, and two cadets with rifles. The color guard team can be seen presenting the flags at the beginning of our football games. You will learn patience and precise movements if you decide to join this team.


- Physical Fitness Team (PT): This team practically explains itself.  Cadets increase their physical endurance and stamina through strength training, and aerobic workouts. 


Weekly Routine:

Monday: Drill

Tuesday: Inspection (Uniform Day)

Wednesday: Classroom

Thursday: Classroom

Friday: Physical Training (PT)


This course is run by the cadets. It also counts as a P.E credit. It is broken down into three companies Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie. We hope you consider joining our VOK Battalion.


Lanier Vok Battalion JROTC Wiki Page: https://saisdlanier008rotc.pbworks.com/


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JROTC Competes


JROTC Competes