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San Antonio, Texas  78228

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2016-2017 Supply List

Take advantage of back-to-school sales before school begins using this STARTER SUPPLY LIST for ALL GRADES. (Note that individual teachers willrequire additional supplies, this just gets you started.)


The following are supplies your student should have on the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL:

1 2 ½ or 3-inch Hard Cover 3-Ring Binder with pockets on inside covers (any color) (All students are required to carry and use binders daily.)

2     Sets of Tab Binder Inserts (8 total) (any color -- to insert in the binder)

1 3-Ring Zipper Supply Bag or Pencil Case (any color -- to insert in the binder)

2     Packages 3-Hole Punch Loose-Leaf Notebook Paper (Wide-rule)

2     Packages Ballpoint Pens, Blue or Black (10-pack minimum)

3 Packages #2 Pencils with erasers (10 per pack minimum)

1 Backpack or bag, either clear or net (as outlined in the SAISD guidelines)

1     Combination Lock (for PE)


The following are additional supplies that may be required by teachers:

6     100-page Single-subject Spiral Notebooks (any color)

4     100-page Composition Books (any color)

1 Package Multi-colored Highlighters (any color)

2 Red Ink Pens

1     Package WATER-BASED, Unscented Color Markers (NO permanent markers or Sharpies allowed)

4 Glue Sticks (Elmer’s preferred)

1    Pair of personal ear buds (for online reading tests)

1 Pocket Dictionary

3     Large Boxes Kleenex

3     Bottles Hand Sanitizer


School Dress Code

6th Grade: White Collar Shirt

7th Grade: Yellow Collar Shirt

8th Grade: Green Collar Shirt

All grades with khaki or black bottoms – no jean material