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James Madison Elementary

2900 W. Woodlawn Ave.
San Antonio, Texas  78228

Phone: (210) 438-6545
Fax: (210) 736-3356






Mon., June 2

Awards:  8:45 Pre-K (Quan & Ramirez), 9:30 Head Start (Perez & Bitoni), 10:30 Kinder, 2:00 2nd & 3rd


Tues., June 3

Awards:  8:45 Pre-K (Ramos & Page), 9:30 1st & 4th, 2:30 5th


Wed., June 4

10:00  Perfect Attendance "Medal to the Pedal" Ceremony (by Invitation Only)


Thurs., June 5



Have a safe and happy summer!  

First day of school is Monday, August 25th! 




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Ms. Wimberely, Ms. Thomas, Ms. Dryden, Mrs. Dickson,

Ms. Arreguin, Ms. Perez, Ms. Benavides, and Ms. Flores

Professional Staff 

Ms. Wimberley - Special Education-Life Strides

Ms. Thomas - Special Education


Dr. Tyler - Librarian

Ms. Olguin - Music Teacher

Ms. Bell P. E. Teacher

Mr. De La Garza  - P.E. Teacher

Mrs. Tracy- School Nurse 

Natasha Dickson - Speech Therapist

Karen Burnhardt- Speech Pathologist


Ms. Alanis - Pre-K

Ms. Vara - Pre-K

Ms. Galvan - Head Start

Ms. Alaniz - Head Start

Ms. Jasso - Head Start

Ms. Gutierrez - Head Start 

Ms. Ybarra - Head Start

Ms. Villarreal - Head Start

Ms. Benavidez - Special Ed. Assistant

Ms. Arreguin - Lifestrides

Ms. Mary Jane Perez - Lifestrides

Ms. Valverde - Special Ed. Clerk

Ms. Morsey - Counselor's Clerk

Ms. Solis - Title I  

Ms. Pulido - Attendance Clerk

Ms. Barrera - Data Clerk

Ms. Whitaker - Secretary

Mr. Solis, Ms. Barbosa, Mr. Escalera, Mr. Cruz

Custodial Staff

Mr. Escalera- Head Custodian  

Mr. Solis 

Mr. Cruz

Ms. Barbosa

 Food Services Staff

Ms. Colunga-Cafeteria Manager                                                            


Ms. Pena, Ms. Naranjo, Ms. Palos, Ms. Colunga, Ms. Moya and Ms. Lobo