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Early History


In September 1923, the junior schools of San Antonio were organized to accommodate the pupils of grades six, seven and eight in order to relieve crowded conditions in both the elementary and high schools of the city. It was deemed desirable to set up in these schools a program of education especially designed to fit the peculiar needs of adolescent boys and girls.

According to Dr. Margaret Cantu, Professor at Our Lady of the Lake University, E.A. Poe was the first Junior High School west of the Mississippi River.


The first issue of the school paper, The Raven, was published on December 20, 1923.


On Friday, February 29, 1924, The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) was organized.


Counselor added to Staff

Full-time services of a counselor were provided, and guidance and testing were stressed in planning each pupil’s progress. A small office was later provided for the school counselor.


President John F. Kennedy

On November 21, 1963, the students of Poe Junior High were taken from their normal classroom routine and lined up along the east side of the school building on New Braunfels.  There they welcomed, waved and viewed President John F. Kennedy and his beautiful wife, Jackie as they drove north on New Braunfels towards the airport.  From the airport President and Mrs. Kennedy boarded an airplane taking them to Dallas.  The students at E.A. Poe Jr. High were among the last people to view our beloved President before his assasination the next day in Dallas.  His las official act was to mark the opening a new Medical Facility at Brooks Air Force Base.


Former Student Sam Hurd

As San Antonians we are avid Dallas cowboys fans.  One former Poe student, Sam Hurd, Professional Football Player for the Dallas Cowboys, attended Poe Middle School in 1998.


New Building

May 17, 1998 marked the day a new building was completed and classes began. The old Edgar Allan Poe Junior High School building was demolished and is now a parking lot.


Arnold Schwarzeneger

In 1999 another event happened at E.A. Poe Middle School, Arnold Schwarzeneger (and later Governor of California) visited E.A. Poe Middle School rallying students to commit to physical fitness.  He was well received and everyone enjoyed his presence and motivating speech in 2009-10.


Do You Know?

Do you know a tidbit of information we can add to our history?  If you do, please contact our Librarian, Mrs. Nancy Hancy, with your suggestions.