Kate Schenck
Elementary School

101 Kate Schenck Ave.
San Antonio, Texas  78223

Phone: (210) 438-6865
Fax: (210) 333-0680



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Math Committee


Chairperson –  Alejandra Palacios

Co-Chairperson – Lisa Vrana

Secretary –  

Members of Committee by grade level:

Kinder –  

1st - Brig Lopez

3rd - Lisa Vrana

4th- Sandra Jaime



Math Committee Objective

The Math Committee is committed to provide for the students at Kate Schenck Elementary a solid mathematical basis which will increase computational fluency, problem solvers and see that Math surrounds them wherever they go.


The Math Committee will provide activities for both students and parents that will encourage them to continuously strengthen their mathematical skills.


Math Activities

Math and Science Night

Nov. 17, 2009
Bring your family and come explore math and science activities!!