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School supply lists were sent home with students on the last day of school with report cards. You can view the supply list by clicking on link on home page. 




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7:50 for a free
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Breakfast is
cleaned up at 
8:05am sharp
so our instructional
day can begin!



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5th Grade School Supply List
Page 2
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5o Grado 

1 - Caja de 24 colores de creyones                       2 - palillos de pegamento

1 - Paquete de paple blanco para imprimir            1 - par de tijeras

2 - Alumbradores grandes                                     2 - Cajas Grandes de Kleenex

1 - Bolso de cremallera para los lapices                5 - Cuadernos espirales

4 - Paquetes de papel de cuaderno                      2 - Botellas de Purell (grande)

1 - Caja de Marcardores                                       12 - Lapices de #2              

1 - Caja de bolsos de Ziploc (Muchachas - de galon, Muchachos - cuarto de galon)

5 - Carpetas del bolsillo con alfilercillos (1 por cada color, rojo, verde, azul, amarillo y morado)