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Positive Behavior Support



Be Safe

Be Reponsible

Be Respectful


Positive Behavior Support


Kate Schenck was invited to participate in the Positive Behavior Support Team this school year.  The whole philosophy of “PBS” is to provide positive ways to instruct children on acceptable behaviors in the common areas of the school.  The PBS team, made up of campus representatives, created the STAR philosophy:  Students and Teachers Acting Responsibly.  The group identified three basic school rules:


1.       Be Safe

2.     Be Responsible

3.     Be Respectful


The staff and students are learning what each of these rules would look like in the cafeteria, the hallway, on the hardtop, in the restrooms, and in the gym.  Students will be provided instruction and will receive positive reinforcement for their efforts and accomplishments.  The PBS, or STAR team created a matrix for the staff and students to follow.  In addition posters were created and hung to help our children remember what is expected of them throughout the campus.  Pictures will also be hanging to help our non-readers know what to do.


The STAR team will continue to implement positive reinforcement to students and teachers for being positive role models.  Your children will be telling you more about events and activities as we all work toward making our campus a positive place to work and learn!






Students and Teachers Acting Responsibly


School-wide Rules


  1. Be Respectful
  2. Be Responsible
  3. Be Safe










Using table manners


Use Inside voice

Eat efficiently

(Use your time wisely)



Stay seated while eating


Wait for adult direction



Quietly walking in line

Hands to self



Facing forward



Respect Privacy






Use facilities carefully and properly





Take turns


Respect others’ personal space

Practice good sportsmanship


Take your time


Use equipment away from others


Listen to each other


Follow Coaches directions

Practice Good Sportsmanship


Practice Self Control

Take care of each other



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