Steele Elementary

722 Haggin St.
San Antonio, Texas 78210

Phone: (210) 438-6870
Fax: (210) 533-5394


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MONDAY 11/03/2014:

“Follow Your Dreams to a Successful Future”

TUESDAY 11/04/2014:

“Be a Bookworm”


WEDNESDAY 11/05/2014:

“Dress for Success”

THURSDAY 11/06/2014:

“Career Day-

Guest Speakers”

FRIDAY 11/07/2014:

“Show Your College Spirit!”

Students may wear appropriate pajamas and shoes to school



Students may dress up and wear glasses, bow ties, suspenders, and clothes to look like a “bookworm” following in the footsteps of the great - Dr. Seuss "The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you'll go."


Students may dress up in appropriate clothing/attire that mimics the job they hope to have in the future.

All Steele Students , Family, and Staff welcomed to attend

"College Night "

@ Brackenridge HS


Students will get to visit with various Guest Speakers about their career, education needed, and how to plan for their future. Students, please come with questions for career day speakers. Normal school uniform required




Students can wear as much COLLEGE clothing, hats, jerseys, face designs, etc. to show off their college spirit. Classes participating in the

“It’s Cool to go to College” college door decorating contest: One class from PreK-1st and one class from 2nd-5th will be announced in the morning and will win an ice cream party for the afternoon.

PreK Report Cards will be avaliable after 10/31/2014 & Kinder 11/03/2014



Normal uniform required for Friday- Khakis and school shirt.

Students wanting to participate in Storybook Parade are not allowed to come to school in costume. Students will be allowed to change into costume at 2:00pm and may wear costume until dismissal time.

Pick a story and dress up as your favorite STORYBOOK CHARACTER 2:00pm!

Storybook Parade around the school @ 2:30-2:45PM

Storybook Costume Parade

Where: Beginning and ending at the gym, around the school (sidewalk)

What: Participating students will line up by grade level (dressed in costume) in the Kinder Wing at 2:30pm. Students who do not participate can stand or sit with staff members and watch. If your child would like to participate please send your child with their costume in a bag, so it won’t get ripped or dirty during the day, and we will help them put it on when it is time. Please do not send weapons, blood or scary costumes.  Any student wishing to participate can bring their costume and change to participate in the parade.

Parents that would like to watch the parade are invited to wait outside the school as the students parade around. Students are not allowed to be checked out after 2:40pm, so there will be no early check out on this day.