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Teacher Resources
Web Links
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1   Link   RtI for Teachers
Teacher tracking-A three tiered model of instructional intervention and support adopted to ensure that students' learning needs are addressed in a focused manner.
2   Link   Istation
Computer-adaptive assessments that dynamically adjust to each student's skill level. Pre-K through 8th grade curriculum in reading and interdisciplinary studies
3   Link   iData Portal
Access student historical information. Same account access as Outlook
4   Link   Eduphoria
5   Link   SAISD Employees
SAISD Employee helpful links
6   Link   Florida Center For Reading Research
Florida Center for Reading Research’s mission is to disseminate information about research-based practices related to literacy instruction and assessment for children in pre-school through 12th grade. Free resources and materials such as classroom activities and pedagogical information for empowering teachers with the skills and knowledge for effective instruction in the classroom.
7   Link   Building RtI Capacity
Free research based RtI resources for Teachers and Staff.
8   Link   Texas College and Career Readiness Standards
PDF booklet for educators regarding Texas College and Career Readiness Standards embedded throughout all academic areas. Multi-level framework that focuses not only on subject matter, but also on the way it is organized and presented in the classroom.
9   Link   Teacher Dropout Prevention Strategies
15 effective strategies that have the most positive impact on the dropout rate. These strategies have been implemented successfully at all education levels and environments throughout the nation.
10   Link   Connected Classrooms-Virtual Field Trips
Bring the world into your classroom with Google+, virtual field trips!
11   Link   Virtual Science Dissections
There are many amazing virtual dissections available on the web. From earthworms to human cadavers, the Internet has remarkable learning options available at the click of a mouse. Below you will find a listing of both free virtual dissection links as well as those online links or iPad applications that require a minimal fee. The pricing for sites or apps is available on the web.
12   Link   Froguts Bio-eLearning
Froguts Inc is a Bio-eLearning company focused on creating the most engaging virtual dissection, general science, life science, and lab software available. Our software modules and labs for K-12 and higher education engages students with immersive experiences into the world of science around all of us.
13   Link   Physical Science Vitural Labs
Live Binders- several physical science virtual labs and videos
14   Link   TX Performance Standards Project
The Texas Performance Standards Project (TPSP) is a resource for providing differentiated instruction to gifted/talented (G/T) students (and can be used for providing enhanced academic opportunities for all students). The TPSP provides a coherent package of standards, curriculum, and assessments for use in G/T programs from kindergarten through high school.
15   Link   CPI
Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training focuses on prevention and offers proven strategies for safely defusing anxious, hostile, or violent behavior at the earliest possible stage.
16   Link   Oxford Owl Reading
After registering for a free account, you have access to over 250 children’s audio books that can be used in the classroom. The book text is not part of the presentation, so students will not be able to follow along as it is read to them.

17   Link   Schooltube
SchoolTube is the best source for videos from students and teachers everywhere.
Endorsed by leading educational organizations.
18   Link   Storybird
Storybird has any type of book for any type of reader. Follow along as memorable
stories emerge. Comment on books you enjoy to interact with their creators.
19   Link   Virtual Math Manipulatives
Glencoe-Math manipulatives are proven tools for helping students develop a conceptual.
20   Link   Behavior Box
Green Hills AEA- This is a collection of interventions that we have found to be effective with a wide range of learners.Free printable behavior interventions for teachers, parents, and students!