Storm Elementary

435 Brady Blvd.
San Antonio, Texas 78207

Phone: (210) 978-8005
Fax: (210) 224-1998

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Student Email

  • Teacher of the Year
    Teacher of the Year, Suzanne Willis
  • Teacher of the Year 2
    Teacher of the Year, Suzanne Willis with Principal Claudia Ramos-Coto
  • Choir Fest 2016
    Choir Fest 2016
  • 4th Grad Choir
    4th Grade Choir prepares for their May 16th Evening Concert
  • 4th Grad Choir
    4th Grade Choir prepares for their May 16th Evening Concert
  • 5th Grad Choir
    5th Grade Choir prepares for their May 16th Evening Concert
Mission Statement PDF Print

The Mission of the San Antonio Independent School District

To transform SAISD into a national model urban school district where every child graduates and is educated so that he or she is prepared to be a contributing member of the community.

Storm Elementary strongly believes and supports the SAISD Mission Statement, therefore we want to lay the foundation for our students to graduate with the academic and social preparation needed to be successful and responsible citizens. Storm Elementary is committed to providing excellence in education. The following fundamental beliefs and core values move our organization to commit itself to a specific mission and provide the moral and ethical priorities that guide all of our organizations activities.
                                                             SAISD Core Beliefs

  • Every student can learn and achieve at high levels.
- We will make all decisions based on attaining student achievement at or above grade level.
  • We are responsible for the education and safety of every student.
- We will ensure that all decisions, actions and resource allocations are made in the best interest of the students.
- We will ensure a safe learning and working environment for all students and employees.
  • We are responsible for the efficient and effective operation of the school system.
- We will ensure fiscal responsibility to the taxpayers of the District.
  • Everyone should be treated with respect.
- We will ensure a high level of professionalism, customer service and respect for everyone.
- We will lead by example.
  • People support what they help create.
- We will maintain the collaborative process for decision-making.
SAISD Core Values
Commitment     High Expectations   Respect   Integrity   Student Centered   Teamwork   Passion