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Twain Middle School

2411 San Pedro Ave.
San Antonio, Texas  78212

Phone: (210) 738-9745
Fax: (210) 738-0518

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Guidelines for Teachers

 ·        The library operates on an open flexible schedule allowing the library resources and staff to be available to all of the learning community throughout the day. 

·        The Library Sign-Up request for instruction is located on the circulation desk.  Research projects require prior collaborative planning involving the teacher and librarian—at least two weeks in advance.  Please include in the teacher’s lesson plans.  Teachers must remain in the Library with their classes, and are responsible for maintaining discipline. 

·        Small groups of students for guided or independent research can be scheduled with the librarian with prior planning between teacher and librarian.

 ·        Individual students may visit the library during class time with a pass from the teacher of record (not substitute teachers).  Teachers please limit the passes to two students at a time. 

 ·        Meetings, tutoring, parties, etc. need to be requested on the sign up calendar.  If you need special arrangements, please consult with the librarian in advance to facilitate success.  Our wonderful space can accommodate several activities at the same time—with planning.  Enjoy!