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Safety Patrols
The primary goals of the school safety patrol program are to foster qualities of leadership and good citizenship to all members. 



Peer Mediators
peer mediation

Selected 5th grade students are trained by the Cadena-Reeves Justice of Bexar County as Peer Mediators. Student selection is made by the Safety Committee and the office of the Guidance Counselor.  Peer Mediators are trained to be good listeners and fact finders.  They are trained to be fair, trustworthy and confidential.  Peer Mediators are students who help people in feeling safe to talk.  Peer Mediators help disputing students reach an agreement and assist in rebuild friendships. The sponsor of the Peer Mediators is E. Fears.


 Boy Scouts
We are proud of the boys who have stepped up to the challenge to become Boy Scouts.  The scouts participate in school and community activities. The scout sponsor is E. Fears.