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Wilson Elementary School

1421 Clower Street
San Antonio, Texas  78201

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School History

Wilson Elementary is located near the junction of Fresno and Interstate 10 in the NW section of the city of San Antonio, Texas. Our school is named after the 28th President Woodrow Wilson who developed a program of progressive reform and asserted international leadership in building a new world order. In 1917 he proclaimed American entrance into World War I a crusade to make the world "safe for democracy."

Woodrow Wilson Elementary School, of 1421 Clower Street, was built in 1927.  The school was then part of the Los Angeles Heights School District, which at the time was a suburb of San Antonio.  The original building was of stucco and had six classrooms, an office, an auditorium and two restrooms.  There was no cafeteria.  The enrollment was minimal at first, but grew rapidly.  In 1936 two additional classrooms were built and a frame building was constructed in the back to serve as a makeshift cafeteria and as a custodian's storeroom.  All of this construction matched the original building.

In 1947 four additional classrooms, two restrooms, three executive suites and a workroom for the custodian were added.  This structure also matched the original building.  In 1949 the community of Los Angeles Heights ISD voted to join the San Antonio ISD.  In 1951 as the district continued to grow, six classrooms, two more restrooms, a clinic, a teacher's lounge, a bookroom, two offices and a large cafeteria were added.  The enrollment at this time was approximately 800 students.

Today, the former structure and all of its additions are no longer present.

In 1997, the voters of the San Antonio ISD passed a $483.5 million bond issue which called for district-wide structural improvements.  One of these improvements was a new building for Wilson Elementary.  After several years of construction, teachers and students were able to move into the new state of the art building in October of 2002.  The new building consists of 30 classrooms, a music room, a library, a science lab and a computer lab.  There is a gym and a large cafeteria that converts into an auditorium.  There is now various office space and the entire building is wired for internet and cable use.  The dedication for the new building was held in December of 2003.  Various distinguished guests were in attendance including the superintendent and much of his staff, current and retired teachers, former and current students, and many of the school board members which had the vision to propose the bond issue to the voters.

Currently Wilson Elementary services about 460 students and is rated Acceptable by the Texas Education Agency.