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We believe physical well-being and overall wellness are integral to our students’ success. In the classroom, students receive coursework in health, physical fitness and emotional strength. In their physical education class, students learn about a variety of nutritional, physical fitness and emotional well-being lessons. Outside of class, our school provides traditional athletic offerings starting in the 7th grade, including track, tennis, basketball and volleyball. Students in the 6th grade participate in a wellness tennis program, provided by the Andy Roddick Foundation and a golf program through The First Tee.

Our students also participate in a mile run every month, as well in the summer camps that work to teach them the importance of eating well, staying fit and exercising self-discipline in all their decisions. Those messages are reinforced through our partnerships with the Families Living Lean, San Antonio Food Bank, and Texas Agrilife, which provide students with valuable information that helps build a strong foundation for decision-making based on core values and personal health.

Families Living Lean is designed to meet the lifestyle, exercise, attitude and nutritional needs and services of parents, teachers and students. The program enables them to develop a lifetime of achievable healthy habits, which will positively affect how they live, move, think and eat. Our goal is to " Make a positive difference in the health of our community, one family at a time!"

The purpose of “L.E.A.N. Makes a Difference: One Student at a Time” is to positively impact YWLA students in the 6th and 7th-grades. With the focus on helping our students become aware of the whole individual, our girls will understand the importance of eating well-balanced meals and exercising daily. Our middle school students will be given four 90-minute classes in lifestyle, exercise, attitude and nutrition – the pillars of health. These classes have the expected results of students successfully utilizing the tools they learned to help them make quality choices for their future health. Goals include challenging the students to drink more water, consume more plant-based products, develop a home exercise program and to read more food labels.   

 Students struggling to meet nutritional needs are provided support by the San Antonio Food Bank and United Way. YWLA appreciates these agencies and the knowledge base they are providing our students and their families.