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Digital Media Class

Instructor: Mr. Richbourg

This year the YWLA is offering one section of Digital Media at the High School

 level. Students have a chance to work with Adobe Creative Suite 6 (CS6), a group of

programs that allows one to work with visual media. The first grading period, students

experienced Photoshop. Photoshop is a work environment in which existing pictures can be

changed, items added or removed, and placements altered. Students used their talents to make

face swaps, gender benders (placing the face of a man on a woman or a woman on a man),

insert ghost images, and create improbable animals. The only real criteria in working with these

 projects was the end product had to look real.

A great example is the first picture. This is a classic face swap, with the original first

followed by the finished product below.























Another example of photo-manipulation is to to apply a ghost image to a background picture.

Trick or Treat!


A third example is to create something that does not exist, like the picture below:





















The following pictures are student products, made by YWLA students as they developed their

expertise with the program while showing a considerable amount of imagination.

Well done, Ladies!



























Classic black-and white face swap.





This is an example of a "Gender Bender", putting a man's face on a woman's body. Steve Tyler

never looked so good.


This year's group had some great success with making "Improbable Animals". These

are combinations that don't naturally occur in nature. They do, however, happen

regularly in the digital media classroom.



 Here is the very rare Chickow in it's natural habitat.

















Then there is the Girmingo, also very rare.




Here is the only existing image of a Snaitoise, part snail and part tortoise.





The combined meercat and eagle is always a crowd pleaser.




And finally a twist on the seahorse, the "Seapony".


Hope that you enjoyed the artwork. There should be more as the year progresses.

Currently the students are working with Flash, Flash is a program that assists in

the construction of digital animations. We are currently learning how to chase an

object around a stage. This should develop into some very entertaining animations

as the class progresses.

Please check back when you have the chance and see what new developments have

been added.