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Digital Media Class

Instructor: Mr. Richbourg

This year the YWLA is very happy to have two sections of Digital Media at the High School

 level. Students have a chance to work with Adobe Creative Suite 6 (CS6), a group of

programs that allows one to work with visual media. The first grading period, students

experienced Photoshop. Photoshop is a work environment in which existing pictures can be

changed, items added or removed, and placements altered. Students used their talents to make

face swaps, gender benders (placing the face of a man on a woman or a woman on a man),

insert ghost images, and create improbable animals. The only real criteria in working with these

 projects was the end product had to look real.

A great example is the first picture. This is a classic face swap, with the original first

followed by the finished product below.





















 Another example of photo-manipulation is to to apply a ghost image to a background picture.

Trick or Treat!






















A third example is to create something that does not exist, like the picture below:























The following pictures are student products, made by YWLA students as they developed their

expertise with the program while showing a considerable amount of imagination.

Well done, Ladies!




























Classic black-and white face swap.




 Fox and kangaroo mixed.




















 Ghost image face in the soup.































Ghost image on the ice cream cone.






















 Mountain lion and koala mixed.
























Too much anime: cartoons in the eyes. 



















Gender bender: male face on female body.

Steve Tyler never looked so good in real life. Hope you enjoyed seeing the work of some of our

students. There will be more posted later.