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The Social Studies Department would like to welcome you to our website! We are excited to be able to bring you this resource into your classroom. Inside, you will find resources, strategies, and information to help enhance student achievement. Our resources were developed by teachers and are made available to all educators at no cost. Although the website contents are free, please attribute your use of the items to SAISD Social Studies Department. The selling of SAISD developed resources for profit is strictly prohibited without consulting SAISD. If you have any questions or comments regarding the Social Studies Resource Center, feel free to fill out our guestbook!
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Upcoming Events
  • May 2nd: Texas History Day competition – SAISD has 13 students competing at the State level this Saturday
  • May 21st: ACT Meeting @ Region 20 – ePATH #56166
  • May 21st: Department Chair Meeting @ Region 20 – ePATH #56165
  • June 9th: Summer Academy for grades K – 5: Building Academic Vocabulary @ Cooper Academy Cafeteria – ePATH #56476
  • June 10th: Summer Academy for grades K – 5: Integrating Language Arts into the Social Studies Classroom @ Cooper Academy Cafeteria – ePATH #56477
  • June 11th: Summer Academy for grades 6 – 12: Effectively Integrating Primary Sources @ Burnet Center Cafeteria – ePATH #56478
  • June 12th: Summer Academy for grades 6 – 12: Writing Historically @ Burnet Center Cafeteria – ePATH #56479

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