The campus Section 504 committee will review the recommendations and determine the appropriate services, which can include one or more of the following:

  • reading intervention or tutoring;
  • dyslexia program; and/or
  • referral for special education assessment

and instructional and assessment accommodations. Listed below are examples of reasonable classroom accommodations:

  • copies of notes (e.g., teacher-or peer-provided)
  • note-taking assistance
  • additional time on class assignments and tests
  • reduce/shortened assignments (e.g., chunking assignments into manageable units, fewer items given on a classroom test or homework assignment without eliminating concepts, or student planner to assist with assignments)
  • priority seating assignment
  • oral reading of directions or written materials

Teacher Training Requirements

  • Must have valid Texas teaching certificates for the ¬†particular grade level(s) that they teach
  • Must be trained in dyslexia and related disorders
  • Must be trained in the program the district has developed or purchased for use with students with dyslexia as well as in instructional strategies that utilize individualized intensive, multi-sensory, phonetic methods.¬†