Facilities Services Division

1702 N. Alamo, Suite 307
San Antonio, Texas 78215-1213

Phone: (210) 554-2420
Fax: (210) 271-3330

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Service Directory

  • Preventative Maintenance
    Plant Services preventative maintenance responsibilities include those mandated by government regulations, insurance requirements and building codes. Many of these, such as fire alarm testing, are designed to ensure the safety of building occupants.

    To prevent emergencies and equipment breakdown, Plant Services conducts ongoing preventative maintenance on equipment at all District facilities. Preventative measures include inspections, testing, lubrications, cleaning, and filter and belt changes.
  • Routine Repairs
    Routine repairs are defined as the everyday work that originates within District facilities. Dripping faucets, broken windows, and door and lock repair are examples of routine repairs.

The principal (or designee: assistant principals, office secretaries and head custodians) may use the electronic Work Request System to request or check on the status of a routine repair need. (Click here for more information)



A maintenance emergency is any situation that will result in a threat to life, safety, health, facilities, or utilities or the cancellation of classes, clinics or events if not responded to immediately. An example of an emergency would be a water pipe bursting and flooding a classroom.

Should a maintenance emergency occur, contact

During School Hours:
The Service Center is in operation between 7am - 4pm, schools days, for emergency repair assistance as well as notifying Service Representatives of any other unusual concerns. (Tel. 299-2685)

During Non-School Hours:
Emergency support is available during non-school hours by contacting the District Police Department (271-3124) and requesting assistance from the On-Call Plant Services director.


Service Funding

Priority Repair Work 

  1. Immediate Health and Safety
  2. Code Compliance
  3. Mandatory Inspections
  4. Preventative Maintenance of Major Systems: Heating/A.C., Plumbing, Electrical, Roofing, and Drainage



  1. In order to stay within our authorized budget, "Priority Work" receives first attention.
  2. All other repair requests are subject to current workload and availability of funds.
    (Note: A school can supply P.O. / budget code if Plant Services returns the Work Request because it doesn't have funding for the repair.)
  3. Remodeling, relocating of plumbing, as well as a budget code or PO from the school or department requesting the service before the work will de done.


Service Forms

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