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I am a custodian assigned to an elementary school on the North side of the city. I live in the East Side . What is the procedure for transferring to another school that is closer to my house?

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A letter stating that you are requesting a transfer must be turned in to the Plant Operations Department. The transfer letter may be a personal note written by the employee or it can be a Transfer Request Form that is available at the Plant Operations Department. The information on the letter or form must include your name, the school you are presently assigned to and the school or area you are requesting to be assigned to. If you have no preference then state that on your letter or Form. A request for transfer cannot be submitted until you have completed your ninety – day probation period.

Once your letter is on file you may contact the Plant Operations Department periodically to find out which schools have vacancies. It is your responsibility to contact the school that you would like to transfer to and schedule an interview for the vacant custodial position. Principals have the option to choose who they would like to interview. If you are chosen to be interviewed and are selected for the position the Principal will notify Plant Operations.

The Plant Operations Department will in turn contact your principal and inform him/her that you are transferring to another school. A reporting date will be established within a two week period and a personnel status change will be submitted to the Classified Personnel Office.