Parent & Family Engagement


Parents: Our most important partners

Parents are SAISD's most important partners in education, and this department is dedicated to ensuring their active participation in the learning process at home and within our schools.

So important is a parent's role in the educational process that the District has a Parent & Family Liaison or its equivalent at every campus to help facilitate connections between parents and their child's school.

In addition to overseeing the professional development of the Parent & Family Liaisons, this department also is responsible for assisting parents who have concerns that have not been resolved at the campus level.

We encourage parents to be active participants in their child's education, so we hold a Parent Summit twice yearly -- once in the fall and once in the spring semester -- to provide valuable information and tips in a conference-style setting that helps to equip parents with the skills they need, to become active participants in the learning process in their children’s education.

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