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Voters Approve $515 Million Bond Proposal

Voters on November 2, 2010 approved a $515 million bond that will allow the San Antonio Independent School District to make much-needed upgrades and renovations to schools across the District.

Through the involvement of many community members over the last few years, a long-range restructuring plan for SAISD was developed in response to the greatly changed enrollment and population patterns throughout the district, and the need to provide students with the programs and resources that the many small or under-enrolled schools could not offer.

The plan includes the consolidation of 13 schools over 10-12 years and the upgrading and modernization of campuses.  The Board plans to re-evaluate the plan every two years against any significant changes within the community, to ensure it continues to meet the needs of the District.  The 13 schools listed as future consolidations are: Austin Academy, Ball ES, Brewer ES, Green ES, Huppertz ES, Neal ES, Nelson ES, Smith ES, Steele ES, Stewart ES, Storm Academy, Washington ES and W.W. White ES.

Five of these schools were chosen for consolidation in Phase I of the implementation of the plan. Additional consolidations would not occur for at least six years, following a second bond election.

Q: Which schools would be consolidated in Phase I?
A: Five primary schools will be consolidated in Phase I – but not before the 2015-16 school year, and only after the main receiving schools have been fully renovated to model schools. Those five schools to be consolidated are:  Brewer, Nelson, Steele and W.W. White elementary schools and Austin Academy.


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