Office of Administration

Office of Administration & Leadership

406 Barrera St.
San Antonio, Texas 78209
210-554-2405 (phone)
210-554-3139 (e-fax)

The Office of Administration is committed to and supports the mission and vision of San Antonio ISD by providing strategic direction, focus and leadership to several functions and departments as well as the district’s non-traditional and satellite campuses.  They are:

Adult and Community Education Department
Athletics Department
Bexar County Juvenile Detention Center
Bexar County Juvenile Justice Academy (JJAEP)
Children’s Shelter of San Antonio
Estrada Achievement Center (DAEP Campus)
GED Testing Program
Healy-Murphy Learning Center
Healy-Murphy Learning Center (Pre-K)
Hearing Office
JROTC Program
LOTC Program
Seton Home
St. Peter-St. Joseph Children’s Home
Wheatley Community School

The student behavior/discipline management, level two employee grievances, 3rd party active directory approval and student fundraiser approval functions for SAISD are also supported by the Office of Administration.

The Assistant Superintendent for Administration coordinates the strategic efforts of these departments, campuses and functions to ensure that they add value to the progress of the 5-year Goals of SAISD.  We establish departmental metrics which allow us to track the incremental progress of each entity throughout the year.  We also monitor longitudinal progress across years to determine how we may redesign our work to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness of our collective efforts.