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SAISD Board appoints Bond 2016 Citizens Advisory Committee

News Release

SAISD Board appoints Bond 2016 Citizens Advisory Committee members

May 16, 2017 -- San Antonio Independent School District Board members last night approved the appointment of members of the Bond 2016 Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC). The Committee was created to ensure the effective and efficient use of 2016 bond proceeds. This group will provide feedback to staff, review progress reports and report recommendations to the Trustees.

SAISD’s seven Board members each nominated three persons from his or her single-member District and the superintendent nominated two at-large representatives, with a third individual to be named in the future. 

CAC members were chosen from a pool of applicants and reflect diverse business and community backgrounds. Members will serve a two-year term. At the end of that term, they may be reappointed, or new committee members may be nominated by the Trustees.

An organizing meeting will be held in the next month, during which the Committee also will name officers: a chairperson, who will convene the CAC and conduct meetings; a vice chairperson, who will conduct business in the absence of the chairperson; and a secretary, who will ensure that accurate records are kept and reports provided to Trustees in a timely fashion.

This past Aug.16,  the Board passed a resolution in support of creating a citizens committee to oversee the 2016 if voters approved it on Election Day,  Nov. 2.

Following is a list of the committee members:

District 1
Brian Dillard
Shannan Hern
John Wilkins

District 2
Darlyne Drummer
Christopher Green
Dimas Martinez

District 3
Fatema Basrai
Pat Jasso
Denise Ojeda

District 4
Maria Cruz
Albert Regalado
Cynthia Rodriguez

District 5
Carlos Gonzalez
Michael Hernandez
Rachel Maldonado

District 6
Andrew Alvarado
Colton Powell
Ray Sanchez

District 7
Brandon Dross
David Garcia
Geneva M. Rico Watson

Superintendent Appointees
Mark Leita
Laural Logan-Fain
Vacant (to be filled at a later date) 

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