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Job Analysis


A job analysis is the systematic process of collecting and evaluating relevant information about jobs.  This comprehensive review of the key components of a job (including primary tasks, duties and responsibilities) is necessary to clarify the nature and the level of work being performed to accurately determine the appropriate pay range.

A Job Analysis should be requested when:

1.    Creating a new job that does not currently exist

2.    Modifying an existing job (vacant or occupied) when significant changes (>30%) to the responsibilities, complexity, and the scope are proposed

3.    Changing a Job Title with or without change in job duties 

4.    A reorganization occurs resulting in significant changes to multiple jobs and/or reporting structure at any level within a department or unit.

A Job Analysis should not be requested when:

1.    There is a change in volume of work, but otherwise the job responsibilities and complexity remain the same.

2.    Less than 30% change in responsibility

3.    Job duties are assigned for a temporary period

4.    An employee’s job performance is above or below standard.

Department Leader’s Responsibilities

Step 1

The Department leader aligns with their Department Head* on the proposed changes, validating the business need for a job analysis by the Compensation Department.

*Department leader indicates the first-level manager responsible for and endorsing the proposed changes to a job while Department Head refers to the top-level administrator whose support is necessary for the Job Analysis to move forward

Step 2:

Once aligned, the Department leader is required to complete and submit:

1.    Job Analysis Request (JAR) that must also include the Department Head’s signature approval

2.   Job Analysis Questionnaire (JAQ) detailing the essential responsibilities of the job.  These statements should represent at least 15% of the scope of the job.

Step 3:

Completed documentation should be sent to the Compensation Team to initiate the Job Analysis process. 

Required Documentation:

1) Job Analysis Request Form

2) Organizational Chart 

3) Job Analysis Questionnaire Form

There are Four phases of a job analysis review:

Phase 1:  Review 

The Compensation Department will review the business needs for a Job Analysis and the submitted documentation.  During this phase Compensation will explore existing jobs for a comparable match.

Phase 2:  Plan

If Compensation determines that a new or updated job description is required, the team will partner with the Department leader to assist with creating a new or updating an existing job description.  Compensation will assign a job title that aligns with the department’s business need.

For new jobs that do not exist, Department leaders are required to submit either/or:

Phase 3:  Evaluate

Compensation will review all provided documentation and conduct the Job Analysis. 

This process includes the following elements

  • Determination of the job level within established job hierarchy
  • Competitive market data collection and analysis
  • Establish job value and assign an appropriate pay range

NOTE: Please allow up to 10 business days for completion of the Job Analysis process.

Upon completion of the Job Analysis Review, Compensation will provide the Department leader a finalized job description including the Job Title and Salary Grade.



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