PENS is a mass notification system that empowers schools and departments to send instant alerts and time-sensitive messages to parents, students, faculty and staff all at once.

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 To gain access to PENS or to change campus:
Campus Administrators need to review Policies and Procedures for PENS (C42), the PENS Training Materials, and then fill out a request in the Campus Administrator Certification (below.)

For questions, contact the Office of Instructional Technology Services at 210-554-2430 or via email at ""
Questions about message content and when to use PENS should be directed to the SAISD Communications Department;
their phone number is 210-299-5799.
Training Materials
Policies and Procedures for PENS (C42)
PENS training PowerPoint
Campus Administrator Certification
PENS training PowerPoint - Handout
TechRadium Resource Materials