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Extra! Extra!

5/23  - First Grade Field Trip

5/24-  Chess Club Field Trip

5/24 - Band and Choir Concert 6:30 p.m.

5/25 - Field Day

5/25 - 6:00 p.m. Student Directed Plays

5/25 - Fourth Grade Texas Heros Wax Museum 

5/26  - Kinder - 2nd Grade Awards

5/26 - 6:00 p.m. Student Directed Plays

5/27 - 3 - 5th Grade Awards

5/27 - Second Grade Field Trip

5/27 - 1:00 p.m. Volunteer Appreciation Luncheion 

5/30 - Memorial Day Holiday

5/31 - Perfect Attendance Celebration

5/31 - 6th and 7th Grade Awards

6/2 - 8th Grade Awards

6/2 - Last day of School


Around the District

    Welcome to Bonham Academy, home of the bobcats!
  • Summer Programs
    Summer Programs
    Its never too early to plan for summer learning. Early Bird registration by May 1st. There will be 4 sessions offered from June - July. Register at www.imost.me or call 210-306-4455.
  • Learn Ancient Math
    UTSA is offering a free a workshop this summer to learn how use a Mesoamerican "abacus." Those interested should register online.
  • Enjoy your Summer!
    Enjoy your Summer!
    Its been a great year. Have a great vacation and we'll see you in August.





Bonding and Building a Better SAISD

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Letter from the principal  


 Summer is here at last. Summertime often means fun time and family time. Our kids have time to explore, and learn on their own, during the summer. Part of what they explore is, who they are, what they like and dislike, and what their place in this world will be. It is a time of adventure and discovery.

This summer, spend some time with your children letting them be themselves. You get to be yourself too. Think of creative ways to express yourself and follow up on interests your child may have. San Antonio and Texas have a wealth of opportunities for families to explore. Zoos, parks, museums and road trips are a great way to spark a child’s interests and explore things which your child already finds interesting. And, don’t forget the library. San Antonio’s public and electronic libraries have thousands of volumes in Spanish and English, for children to explore. “Read, read, read! ¡Lee, lee, lee!”

In the spring of 2016, we celebrated the dedication of the construction of our new middle school building and the gardens at Bonham. Mayor Taylor helped us celebrate our Monarch Gardens to serve as a way station for butterflies going to and from Mexico. Mr. Lecholop and Mr. Martinez dedicated our new Middle School Building. Partnership with the King William Association has made Bonham Academy a model school for fine arts, science and languages as SAISD moves to provide the academy setting in many other schools throughout the district.

This summer, Bonham Academy will complete all phases of the upgrades. Our playgrounds will open and the White House is scheduled to move on down the road. By the end of summer, the last overhaul of the AC system will be accomplished and the landscaping at the location of the old playground, will be in place. We look forward to 125 more years of academic achievement and pride at Bonham Academy in King William.

Will Webber


Bonham Academy’s Vision is to bring together students, teachers, parents and community in order to empower its members to be culturally literate and innovative global learners and leaders.

William Webber
Principal, Bonham Academy


SAISD Mission Statement

To transform SAISD into a national model urban school district where
every child graduates and is educated so that he or she is prepared
to be a contributing member of the community.


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