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Uniform Compliance:

All students are expected

to be in proper uniforms.

Grade level, Color-coded

Uniform shirts:

6th grade-Gold polo shirt 

7th grade-White polo shirt
8th grade-Royal blue polo shirt




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To transform SAISD into a national model urban school district where

every child graduates and is educated so that he or she is prepared

to be a contributing member of the community




 Elida Guerra, Principal


Principal’s Message ~ "Super STAAR Knights!"


Connell Students, Parents & Community,


It is with great pleasure that I serve the students and staff of Connell Middle School.  I hope everyone had a safe and relaxing Spring Break with friends and family and have returned ready to get refocused on our academic endeavors.  Our teachers have worked hard to prepare lessons, interventions and tutorial sessions for our 7th and 8th grade students, who will have 5 days of final preparation before our first round of STAAR tests on March 30th and 31st.  As we continue to work hard to prepare for these tests, we encourage your students, in all grade levels, to attend after school Super STAAR Knights.  These tutorial sessions are especially designed to target areas in which students have had difficulty.  We will be providing tutorials every Monday and Tuesday during the months of March and April.  As a campus, we have done our very best to provide multiple opportunities for students to practice and better their skills.

The spring brings beautiful weather and new beginnings and with it comes STAAR testing.  These tests are intended to assess each student’s knowledge of the subject area in their grade level.  All 8th grade students must pass ALL classes and select State Assessments in order to be promoted to high school.  Students in the 8th grade should ensure that they are doing everything possible to pass, so that in the end decisions are not being made for them.  When they pass, they have made a decision to move on to high school and should they fail, they have left it up to the school Principal to decide what the future brings.  Be prepared and PASS your assessments and your classes.

The testing schedule is as follows:

STAAR Test Dates 2015

March 30

5 days until test 

7th Grade STAAR Writing Day 1  

March 31

6 days until test 

7th Grade STAAR Writing Day 2   8th Grade STAAR Reading 

April 20

19 days until test 

8th Grade STAAR Math  

April 21

20 days until test  

8th Grade STAAR Social Studies 6th/7th Grade STAAR Math 

April 22

21 days until test

8th Grade STAAR Science         6th/7th Grade STAAR Reading

Additional Testing Information:

- Students will have 4 hours to complete the test (Time does not stop for restroom breaks, so we ask that students use their time very wisely.)

- Students should arrive by 8:30 AM.  According to our district policy, if a student arrives past 9:15, then they will not be allowed to take the test.

- All test taking students will eat breakfast and lunch in their testing rooms.

- Due to security on testing days, parents will not be allowed to eat lunch with their children if testing.  In addition, parents will not be able to deliver lunch to their student on STAAR testing days.

- Students will be required to turn off and turn in ALL electronic devices to the Test Administrator.  Having an electronic device at any time during the test may cause the invalidation of tests for the entire site.  Electronic devices will be returned to the students once all testing is complete.

- Students are asked to respect the testing environment before, during and after testing.  Students should not talk while tests are still out.

Success is not a matter of luck, but planning and organization.  Parents, you can support your student during middle school by checking to make sure that assignments are completed, staying in contact with teachers via email or telephone, ensuring that they attend school daily and communicating with our campus’ Parent Liaison, who always needs parent volunteers to support various programs and activities.  The consistent support and encouragement of parents result in greater success for all students.

We wish the best of luck to every student during this testing season and ask that they focus on academics.  Golden Knights, remember that the POWER lies within you to make Connell a successful place.



Ms. Elida Guerra, Principal