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2015 Graduation

June 6, 2015

NEW 4:30pm-6pm

@ Alamodome

Spring Break

March 7-15


End of the 9wks

March 27th 
Early Release

Student Holiday

April 3rd

Battle of Flowers

Holiday April 24th


Memorial Day 

Holiday-May 25th


Last Day of School

June 4, 2015


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11th Grade PDF Print

Juniors-11th grade-CLASS of 2016


Cici's Pizza Night November 20th from 4pm-9pm.


15% of sales this night will go to the Edison Junior Class

     Class sponsor is:  Mrs. Madore, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Those wanting to join the 2016 leadership team can attend weekly junior meetings every Thursday in room 1426 with Mrs. Madore. Students must have parent signed junior class/club form--which can be picked up from Mrs. Madore's room (in folder taped outside door).   All juniors are welcome to help with junior events, pep rallys, games, fundraisers, etc...


Current Balance:  $2,545.79

 as of 11/2/2014


This year's fundraisers: 

1. Pizza Nights at Cici's Pizza: November 20, December 18, January 15, February 19, March 19, April 16, May 21, 2015.

2. After-school snack sales from the Bear's Den school store-we have raised $1,730.79 in 6 weeks (we started on 9/15).

3. Class shirt sales (we will make less than a dollar for each shirt sold so this is more of class spirit activity)--should be arriving at any time.  It will be black with metallic gold, 2 sided:  front has EHS and class of 2016 and the back is the slogan chosen-GO B16 or go HOME.

Update: submitted Valentines carnations fundraiser request--waiting on this.


Current things we are working on:

1. Pep Rally spirit (for kids in extra-curricular events)-Juniors have won the spirit stick the most times this year @ 5 times out of the 9 pep rallies (three were won by seniors and one by freshmen when the seniors helped them-that was very nice).

2. Junior Class Shirts.

3. After-school snack sales with Cici's Pizza sold by the slice on Wednesdays (thank you parents).

4. Cici's Pizza Nights from above.


Senior year fundraisers:

1. Senior Spirit Week ticket sales fall 2015 (special for seniors to dress up for a week).

2. Possible prom fashion show and/or talent show: $3-$5 per ticket.

3. Prom Packet:  approx. $50 a packet to include one prom ticket, one senior spirit week ticket, $5 off senior shirt coupon.  Individual prom tickets will be $60 if purchased after packet sales-thus a savings of $25--not transferable).


Events we fundraiser for:

1. Senior Prom in the spring of 2016.

2. Senior Bash (the last Friday of the school year): catered on campus, DJ, dance, security, games, prizes, photo booth.


For input or concerns, feel free to email Mrs. Madore at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


More updates to follow.

As a Junior it is a good idea to get a heads up on what you  will be facing your
Senior year.


1. Understand College admissions and what you need to send the college admissions counselor.

2. Research colleges of interest, both public and private.
Visit campuses.

3. Research scholarships.

4. Prepare and Take the ACT and SAT. (test preparation
web site is www.CollegeForTexans.com

5. Determine if you need to retake the ACT and SAT
in the 12th grade.

6. Keep a good relationship with teachers. Keeping in mind that you will need to have letters of reference written.

7. Explore topics for college application essays.


9. Know your GPA. Work on weak spots.

10. After colleges look at your cumulative GPA they focus
on your Junior and Senior year grades and courses and the degree difficulty of your courses. Visit your counselor and discuss where your course of study stands.

11. Study for and take AP exams.

12. Consider who you would like to ask for letters of recommendations.
Be sure you choose people who for recommendations know you and what your goals are.



Keep a log and a Calendar
Now is the time to get all the leg work done so your senior year will proceed smoothly and be more enjoyable.
Get familar with
*Financial aid applications
*College admission applications,
*Housing applications
*College enterence qualificaitions

College search
*Highly selective colleges,
*Selective Colleges,
*Open admissions Colleges.
*Community Colleges (2 year).
*Narrow your college choices

The more familiar you are with the paper work the easier it will be to complete it successfully when you are a senior.

*There are numerous scholarship search sites.
*Some scholarships all you need to do is apply
*It is well worth your time to pursue this avenue.
*Some scholarships require you to write an essay.
*Let instructors, and fellow student who's opinion your value
read your essays and ask for honest feedback.
*There are also Scholarships that are
**Gender specific,
**Ethnic specific,
**Major specific
Have all the knowledge about applications and the process of selection you can find. It will leave more time for you to enjoy your very busy Senior year .

In the career GO CENTER you can
*Career search
*Take practice SAT and ACT test
*College search
*Sholarship search
*Get familiar with the FASA

Take advantage of the practice testing. The more prepared
you are the better your score will be, and with that the more

choice college choices you will have.