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Congratulations to Highlands High School

Class of 2020!


Roger Gardner

Roger Gardner comes from a family of engineers. Both his mother and grandfather were engineers, and when this Highlands High School Class of 2020 valedictorian graduates, he also plans to study engineering at The University of Texas at San Antonio. 

“I really like to make stuff,” he said. “I want to study mechanical engineering because it is broad. I have sketches of stuff I will eventually make – like a steam engine, just for fun. I love trains. Growing up, I have always loved trains. Moving to San Antonio, you see a lot of these big diesel engines and I think, ‘Woah, I wanna ride that! I wanna make one!’”

Roger is a member of the Engineering STEM Magnet Program at Highlands and in addition to taking five AP classes, he is part of the ACE Mentor program. The after-school club brings in mentors from the community to talk to students about architecture, construction and engineering. 

“Through his participation in the Engineering STEM Magnet Program, Roger has shown his dedication to his future career in STEM,” said Michelle Garcia, coordinator of the Engineering Institute at Highlands. "He is one of the most curious students I’ve come across, showing enthusiasm in classes and even taking on an independent project senior year to learn Python programming language and machine learning just because it seemed interesting.”

In addition to his passion for engineering and outstanding academic record, Roger is a member of the National Honor Society, band, marching band, and jazz band. He has been playing the trombone since sixth-grade and now leads the trombone section at Highlands. Many of his fondest memories of high school stem from his participating in band. 

“One of my best high school memories was having to show up to school at 4:30 a.m. and seeing the sunrise,” he recalled. “ We were going to area competition and trying to squeeze in one last run-through in. I have never seen such a nice sunrise. It was a really good moment. I will always remember that from marching season.”

Roger moved to San Antonio from Japan when he was 5 years old. Now, a true Texan at heart, he can’t imagine living anywhere else. 

“Japan has so much light pollution so when I first moved here, I would just look up at the stars and woah, that was beautiful,” he said. “I love this state. Sometimes my dad will take us out to state parks like Lost Maples. The hills, the grass and cows you see; you don’t see cows and horses in Japan. It’s like, I never knew a cow was that big! The endless plains are really nice; Texas is so big – I love it!”

Garcia says that she is sure Roger will succeed in the next phase of his education, and life. 

“Roger is that rare student who improves the energy of an entire room just with his cheerful presence,” she said. “His leadership skills and impact on our community are clear, and we will miss him next year but look forward to seeing him succeed in his next adventure."

Highlands High School
Class of 2020

Valedictorian Roger Harold Gardner

Salutatorian Kalisha Pearl Jones

Highlands High School Top Ten

#1 Roger Harold Gardner - Texas A&M University
#2 Kalisha Pearl Jones - University Of Texas At Austin
#3 - Marcus Adrian Antu - West Texas A&M University
#4 Evangelina Rosemarie Villegas - St. Mary’s University
#5 Brenda  Davila - Berea College
#6 Yaretzy Alejandra Chavez - University Of Houston
#7 Janice Marie Benson - University Of Houston
#8 Angel A Salazar - University Of Houston 
#9 Francisco Javier Villanueva - University Of Texas At Austin
#10 Emanuel Lopez - UTSA or Texas A&M San Antonio 


David Acosta – Palo Alto College
Dentzel Acosta – St. Philip’s College
Enmanuel Enrique Aguilar Santos – Hallmark University
Jerry Isaiah Aguliar 
Aryana B Albiar 
Cynthia Jasmin Alcantara Hernandez 
Inez Alcoser 
Amber Marie Alejos – St. Philip’s College
Cesar Alexis Almendarez 
Fabian Rene Alvarez – Palo Alto College
Juan Jesus Alvarez Gonzalez – St. Mary’s University
Raul Alejandro Alvarez Gonzalez 
Matthew Isaiah Aranda 
Ruth Isabel Arias Gabriel 
Osiel Julian Arriaga 
America P Avila – Our Lady of The Lake University
Luis Omar Avila – University of Texas At San Antonio
Lizbeth Guadalupe Aviles Elisea – Texas A&M San Antonio
Ayssa Ayala – Texas A&M University
Elmira Ann Ayala 
Jose Miguel Ayala – Navy
Ricardo Antonio Ayala Lopez 
Saul Antonio Balderas – St. Philip’s College
Gabriel Joseph Banda – St. Philip’s College
Jacob Nathaniel Banda – Palo Alto College
Manuel Rigoberto Barrera – University of Texas At San Antonio
Isabel Barron – San Antonio College 
Carolina Bautista 
Rene Benavides 
Andrew Benavidez 
Journee Devine Rae’ann Bennett 
Jorge Eduardo Bermea Mares – Palo Alto College
Damion Isaac Bernal – Army
Tyerra Tasheona-Monae Boston – St. Philip’s College
Angelina Nicole Botello – Texas A&M San Antonio
Matthew Ryan Bravo 
Melanie S Briones Hernandez 
Lamont Maurice Brooks 
Edward N Bujanos 
Thade Christian Lewi Cadet 
Dafhne Dalahi Calvillo – Palo Alto College
Alyssa Marie Camarillo – Texas State University 
Israel Alexander Camarillo 
Anthony Xavier Cantu 
Jonathan Anakin Cantu – Marine Corps
Johnathan Elliott Cardenas – Marine Corps
Samantha Marie Cardenas – University of The Incarnate Word 
Isaiah Alexander Carreon – University of Texas At San Antonio
Angelina Marie Casso 
Matilda Ann Castellanos 
Sebastian Castellanos 
Milagros Yanely Casteneda-Sigala 
Jessica Ramirez Castillo – Palo Alto College
Eric Alonso Castro 
Joshua Ismael Castro 
Yovanic Catarino Aguirre 
Lesly Yosselin Cedillo Sagastume – Palo Alto College
Calista Zoe Cervantes – University of The Incarnate Word 
Jonas G Cervantes 
Nigel Mikail Cervantes 
Pedro Alejandro Chantaca 
Angel David Chavarria 
Christian Chavarria 
Kylie Charlize Chavera – Austin Community College 
Matthew Anton Chavez – St. Philip’s College
Iyana Riel Clay – Prairie View A&M University
Treshaun Ori Clay 
Marissa D Constante – San Antonio College 
Gabriela Marie Cordova 
Michael Angelo Corona – San Antonio College 
Ricardo Blanco Coronado 
Kirsten Madeline Cortez – Palo Alto College
Isaac Ryan Covarrubias – San Antonio College 
Jesus Covarrubias – Palo Alto College
Jravell Lac Crawford – St. Philip’s College
Sydney Monae Crawford 
Ansley Olivia Cruz 
April Esperanza Cruz 
David Bleu Cruz 
Gaberilla Nichole Cruz – Texas A&M San Antonio 
Brian Michael Curren – Texas A&M San Antonio 
Eugene Antnony De La Cruz 
Cesar S De Leon 
Judas D De Leon 
Maximillian Maximus Degollado – Texas A&M San Antonio
Karla Gisselle Dela Fuente – The Culinary Institute of America, San Antonio
Roy Deleon 
Brandi R Delgado 
Jeramey Lorenz Delgado – Texas A&M San Antonio
Juan Alfonso Delgado 
Kristopher M Delgado 
Thelma Diaz 
Fernando Duran – San Antonio College 
Xavier Wyman Eiland – St. Philip’s College
Araceli Mariyah Elkins 
Paulo Alejandro Enriquez Castillo – Udem
Ruben Escajeda – University of Texas At San Antonio
Armando Escobedo 
Genesis Nicole Escobedo – Duquesne University 
Adamari Esparza 
Jacinda Georgina Esquivel – Navy
Jaime Eduardo Estrada 
Cheyenne Nasha Fabela – Palo Alto College
Armando Faz 
Lovely Pearl Boty Finney 
Jair Alonso Flores – St. Philip’s College
Jose Armando Flores – St. Philip’s College
Joshua L. Flores 
Juan Flores – Texas State University 
Victoria Elida Flores – Navy
Ariel Nicole Fraga 
Bruce Calvin Francis 
Jesus Ivan Frausto 
Jayline Fuentes 
Robert L Gaitan – Texas A&M Kingsville
Julia Marie Galindo – San Antonio College 
Korey Iaziah Gamboa 
Astrid Carolina Gamez – University of The Incarnate Word 
Cecil Garcia 
Celeste Z. Garcia 
Jilyssa Bryann Garcia – St. Philip’s College
Julysa Michelle Garcia – St. Philip’s College
Liliana Isabel Garcia 
Madison Elizabeth Garcia – University of Houston Victoria
Marcella Jean Garcia – San Antonio College 
Martin Garcia – San Antonio College 
Genevieve Garza – Palo Alto College
Jesus Garza 
Xavier Anastacio Garza 
Angel Leo Garza Capetillo 
Carolina Gomez 
Tristan Arthur Gomez 
Alfred Robert Gonzales 
Carlos M .Gonzalez 
Jozlyn Junay Gonzalez – San Antonio College 
Lei Adrian Alexand Gonzalez 
Rebecca Juanita Gonzalez – St. Philip’s College
Serenity Alexis Gonzalez – Palo Alto College
Steven Isaac Gonzalez 
Elisa Sanai Grier – San Antonio College 
Enrique Guerra 
Julio Isaiah Gurrero 
Alyssa Rose Gutierrez – San Antonio College 
Gabriel Gutierrez 
John Anthony Gutierrez 
Bishop Guzman 
Emily Grace Guzman – St. Philip’s College
Da’shawn Marqu’is Head 
Aaron Jacob Hernandez 
Amber Celeste Hernandez – U.S. Navy
Cristopher R Hernandez 
Dayanara Hernandez 
Hector Raul Hernandez – Palo Alto College
Jacob Angel Hernandez – Palo Alto College
Jason Hilario Hernandez 
Luis Hernandez 
Mateo Ramiro Hernandez – Houston Baptist University
Raelyn Marie Hernandez – U.S. Navy
Virginia Hernandez – U.S. Navy
Jose Amado Hernandez Garcia 
Brisaya Renee Hernandez-Martinez 
Jonathan Emanuel Herrera 
Edgar Alan Ibarra – University of Texas At San Antonio
Janeese Nicole Jackson 
Robert Francisco Jones – St. Philip’s College
Desiree Isabella Juarez – San Antonio College 
Kristen Sharese I Zaya Kelly – Navy
Timothy Joseph Kimbrough 
David William King – Navy
Eric Anthony Kinsel – Rutgers University, Camden
Sierra Lanay Kluesner 
Justin Korus 
Joselyn Gabriela Lagunas Ontiveros – University of Texas At San Antonio
Adrian Nas Landry 
Anahi Lara Barboza – Palo Alto College
Angel Esau Lara Chavez – St. Philip’s College
Angelina Marie Leal – Palo Alto College
Fernanda Villasenor Leon 
Vincent David Lerma – Palo Alto College
Terynay Nicole Long 
Joe Anthony Longoria 
Luis Elias Longoria 
Christine Marie Lopez 
Curessa Lynn Lopez – St. Philip’s College
Jonah Luke Lopez 
Veronica Lopez 
Jonathan Michael Lozano – Texas State Technical College
Faustina Guadalupe Maciel 
Pete Maciel 
Thomas Karl Bell Makey 
Skilynn Amber Maldonado – Sam Houston State University 
Meta Micaela Martens – Army
Brianna Nicole Martinez 
Donna Martinez – St. Philip’s College
Ericka Monique Martinez 
Ernest Martinez 
Frank Michael Martinez – Palo Alto College
Jason Roy Martinez – St. Philip’s College
Jesse Martinez – Our Lady of The Lake University
Joseph Martinez 
Kaira Jailene Martinez – San Antonio College 
Marina Elisa Martinez – Texas A&M University
Michael Anthony Trejo Martinez – Palo Alto College
Moses Angel Martinez 
Phillip Michael Martinez – University of Texas At San Antonio
Jesus Alfredo Martinez Rodriguez 
Jon Alexander Medina – Our Lady of The Lake University
Oliva Hernandez Mejia – Palo Alto College
Desiree Ruby Melendez 
Corinne Virginia Mendoza 
Emmanuel Mendoza – Army
Layla Lorinne Mendoza 
Michael Ryan Mendoza – Army
Vanessa Montserrat Mendoza – St. Philip’s College
Jaliyah Monique Mesa – University of Houston Victoria
Joseph Nathaniel Mesa – University of Texas At San Antonio
Javier Moncada – University of Houston Victoria
Megan Rose Montelongo – San Antonio College 
Alicia Nickcole Montez – Texas A&M San Antonio
Natalia Morales – St. Philip’s College
Jose Guadalupe Moreno – San Antonio College 
Miranda Nadine Moreno 
Alyssa Moya – Palo Alto College
Kierra La Shay Muckleroy 
Abraham G Munoz 
Amayrani Dahalay Munoz – San Antonio College 
Iliana Alexis Munoz – Our Lady of The Lake University
Keyla Yamilex Munoz 
Miranda Munoz 
Omar Munoz 
Melani Munoz Arizpe – St. Philip’s College
Destiny Murillo – Palo Alto College
Pearl Neavez – Palo Alto College
Damaris Noriega – University of The Incarnate Word 
Sebastian Oberg – Texas A&M Galveston
Abigay Obregon 
Samuel Ocegueda – University of Texas At San Antonio
Sebastian Olivarez 
Iris Jaqueline Olvera – Palo Alto College
Stephanie Orocio – St. Philip’s College
Joseph Steven Alexand Ortega 
Alberto Ortiz 
Dylan Jacob Ortiz 
Joshua J Ortiz 
Jose Alberto Ortiz Rodriguez – St. Philip’s College
Christopher Glenn Owens 
Manuel Padilla – Texas A&M San Antonio
Kristopher Rene Palestrant 
Jacalyn Grace Palmer – University of The Incarnate Word 
Amayah Gabriella Palomo – Palo Alto College
Mark Anthony Pardo 
Beatrice Paredes 
Joshue Daniel Parra 
Ethan Pena – St. Philip’s College
Frankie Pena – St. Mary’s University
Antonio Perez 
Faith Perez – St. Philip’s College
Joe Omar Perez 
Joselyn Perez 
Matthew Xavier Perez 
Ricardo Gerardo Perez 
Yiovanna Plascencia – Texas A&M San Antonio
Cincir Gerome Pleasant Jr. Zvonnetre 
Gilberto Portales 
Suvanna Danielle Portales 
Angel Gabriel Posadas – Navy
Gilbert Pruitt 
Arturo Javier Pruneda 
Carlos Manuel Davila Pruneda 
Roberto Joshua Quevedo – Texas A&M Corpus Christi
Samantha Jovanna Quiroga 
Alyssa M Ramirez – Texas A&M San Antonio
Arianna Elizabeth Ramirez – Palo Alto College
Carlos Cristian Ramirez 
Cecilia Adrianna Ramirez – University of Texas At San Antonio
Erick Michael Ramirez 
Jesus J Ramirez 
Jose Alfredo Ramirez 
Viviana Carolina Ramirez – Palo Alto College
Giuliano Ramon 
Jose Guadalupe Ramos 
Rodolfo Eliel Renova – St. Philip’s College
Uriel De Jesus Resendiz – University of Texas At San Antonio
Erik George Reyes – St. Philip’s College
Audrey Marie Rios 
Mason Edward Rios 
Bianca Rivera 
Brianna Monique Tanna Rivera – San Antonio College 
Johem Hernan Rivera Maldonado – Army
Brandon Lee Roach 
Jasmine Shynice Robinson – Texas A&M San Antonio
Jazmine Nicole Robinson 
Angel Marie Robledo – Palo Alto College
Christian Rodriguez Robles 
Brandon Angel Rodriguez – Texas A&M San Antonio
Guadalupe Ozuna Rodriguez 
Jacob E Rodriguez 
John A Rodriguez 
Juan Eulogio Rodriguez – Army
Melina Jaynee Rodriguez – University of Colorado Colorado Springs
Celia Ruby Romero – San Antonio College 
Evangelyn Alicia Roski – Texas A&M University
Fernando Rubio – University of The Incarnate Word 
David Emmanuel Ruiz 
De’shawn Jaylynn Russell – San Antonio College 
Alize S Salas 
Cynthia Salinas 
Cristina Marie Sambrano – University of North Texas
Christopher I Sanchez 
Gabriel Sanchez – San Antonio College 
Harley Quinn Sanchez – Curry College
John Eric Sanchez 
Julian Sanchez – University of Texas At San Antonio
Justin Michael Sanchez 
Yesenia Sanchez – Northwest Vista College 
Mary Louise Antonia Sandoval 
Nicholas G Sandoval – St. Philip’s College
Savannah M Segundo 
Rey Angel Servin – Palo Alto College
Isaias Fernando Sigala – San Antonio College 
Julius X Solano 
Maria Isabel Solano Garcia 
Anahi I Solis 
Gabriela Cruz Solis 
Juan Jose Sotelo – Marine Corps
Ariel Sky H Soto – University of Texas At San Antonio
David Aurelio Soto – Army
Xavier Devante Spencer 
Alejandro Tamayo – Texas A&M San Antonio
Luis Terrazas 
Melaunte Talawn Thompson 
Ileana Elise Torres 
Jagger Samantha Torres – University of Texas At Arlington 
Julian Andres Torres 
Kailee Torres – Palo Alto College
Vincent Adam Tovar 
Ezekiel Antonnio Trujillo 
Tyler Mason Twyman – University of Texas At San Antonio
Evan Mitchell Tyser 
Amberly Luz Uranga 
Kimberly Michal Uranga 
Vanessa Isabel Uribe Guzman – University of Texas At San Antonio
Abelardo Valdez 
Maria Del Sol Valladolid Montano 
Briana Annette Vasquez – St. Philip’s College
Elizabeth A Vasquez – Hallmark University
Frank Vasquez – University of Texas At San Antonio
Victoria Rose Vasquez 
Wavelynn Ivory Vasquez – Texas A&M San Antonio
Carolina Janeth Vazquez – Palo Alto College
Irwing Dylan Vazquez – St. Philip’s College
Maria Guadalupe Velarde Tienda – St. Philip’s College
Marina Nikoyle Velasquez – Army
Luis F Velazquez Garcia 
Roberto Gonzalez Vergara 
Arleny Marisol Villagrana 
Dynasty Serena Villanueva – Palo Alto College
Joe Louis Villarreal 
Joyarib Ajasta Villarreal 
Jerome Renel Williams 
Geminia Donzai Wilson
Leonardo Joan Yanez Obregon
Kasandra Marie Zapata Cavazos
Brandon Lee Rene Zurita

San Antonio Independent School District

Board Of Trustees

Patti Radle...........President

Arthur V. Valdez...........Vice President

Debra Guerrero...........Secretary

Steve Lecholop...........Trustee

Alicia Perry...........Trustee

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Ed Garza...........Trustee

Superintendent of Schools

Pedro Martinez

Chief Academic Officer  ~ Office of Academics

Patricia Salzmann

Assistant Superintendent ~ All Levels

Daniel Girard

Highlands High School Principal

Julio Garcia

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